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PSI SaaS solutions are the backbone of the Utility, Energy, Telecommunications and Government sectors in over 40 countries worldwide.


Utility, Energy & Teleco.

It’s simple. You control your entire field sales teams centrally. There are no short cuts, and therefore no compliance irregularities. Orders are placed immediately, credit history is checked and verified and payment details are logged. Head office is updated in real time and progress reports and invoices can be generated immediately. An email contract or SMS confirmation is then sent out in minutes and the deal is done and processed with a minimum of fuss.

You don’t need technical knowledge or coding expertise, we’ll look after all of that.

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Government & Public Sector

Our affordable, flexible, mobile-first platform simplifies all of your government processes, helping you maximise your resources and engage and interact with your constituents. Our online suite lets you manage your workforce more efficiently, enabling you to create custom workflows, tasks and forms anywhere, any time, and deliver them to your staff and the public via smartphone/tablet, SMS and email. Our platform is refreshingly easy to learn, extremely simple to use and designed specifically for government organisations. Whether you run an entire city council or a single department, we can help.

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Fusion Software

Our patented mobile application platform may have a fancy name (we call it Fusion) but really all you care about is how simple and clear the interface is. We designed it for users lacking in a technical background, for different business processes on any connected device.

Fusion combines all the potential of mobile & cloud technology, with the security and track record of a field tested and robust application.  

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