The concept of a sales pipeline has existed for many years, providing a useful tool for assessing the lead-to-conversion process. But this over-familiarity means that mistakes are being made and sales lost – or the system is simply not being worked as hard as it could be.

Effective sales pipeline management – seeing inside the pipe

Posted by David Costello on 2 March 2017
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Historically sales territories have existed as a way to simplify the division of accounts between your sales team. Geographic boundaries and sales team availability are used to establish which accounts belong to which account manager. It is then down to the territory manager to service the accounts and leads in their patch.

Effective territory management is more than basic geography

Posted by David Costello on 13 February 2017
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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” goes the old saying. But far from being an over-shared LinkedIn “inspirational” quote, this modern day proverb actually has some basis in fact. Try bluffing your way through a sales meeting with an FMCG client and you’ll quickly understand the wisdom of thorough preparation.

Sales Planning – Because Effective Sales Meetings/Calls Don’t Happen by Accident

Posted by David Costello on 7 February 2017
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Customer satisfaction has always been crucial to building a loyal customer base. But experts routinely tell us that customer service is now “dead”, that we cannot rely on existing customers to keep coming back simply because they have worked with you before.

Doing what you promised | Technology and the Sales Fulfilment Process

Posted by David Costello on 31 January 2017
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