Sales operations is not an emerging field within the traditional business framework, however, under the sweeping trend of new technology, the world of sales operations has been inevitably changed. Sales ops directors and managers often have an overarching perspective of organizational sales strategies, departmental structure, and overall revenue growth. Some of them play particular important leadership roles in the sales team, while the others work as adjunct roles. In the new digital world, sales leaders may have also noticed that they have more freedom in terms of defining their roles within an organization with the help of new tech.

The Revolution of Sales Operations: Embrace New Technology

Posted by David Costello on 6 December 2016
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Data-driven businesses have access to unprecedented amounts of customer data. And as technology evolves to create new channels, the volumes continue to increase.

Big Data and Business Transformation – Can You Do One Without the Other?

Posted by David Costello on 16 November 2016
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Risk management systems are nothing new. Utilities providers have been credit-scoring customers for years, defining contract terms and payment plans depending on individual customer circumstances. This may be as simple as flowchart that agents follow, through to a more automated solution using a spreadsheet, or the company financial platform.

The Rise of the Decision Management Engine – and Why You Need One

Posted by David Costello on 4 November 2016
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Digital transformation within your organisation is unlikely to be a single big-bang event, one project that delivers on all of your strategic goals instantaneously. Instead it will be a programme of constant innovation, small tweaks that deliver incremental improvements, eventually building up to create considerable savings and efficiencies.

To Achieve True Innovation, You’re Going to Have to Evolve

Posted by David Costello on 27 October 2016
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