Multichannel sales, made easy

PSI powers in-person, online and over the phone selling for energy and telco companies across Europe.

With over 1 million transactions processed every day, and over £1 billion revenue generated by our clients every year, there’s a reason we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies.

Deliver best in class customer experiences

Proven with over 10,000 users, our flagship Fusion platform reduces customer onboarding times from days to minutes and erradicates downtime in the field, allowing your teams to sell more. How? Our cutting-edge technology is highly customisable, integrates with multiple systems and automates complex processes. 

Learn how our technology can unlock the full potential of your sales channels:

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Territory Management

Give your field reps and managers the power to get the most out of every route and campaign – capturing every opportunity with watertight field sales software.

Popular Features

  • Field campaigns
  • Route assignment
  • Unlimited address data and lead capture
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End-To-End Sales

Close sales in minutes, not days. Enable reps to sign and onboard customers in a single conversation – and auto-provision the remainder of the sales journey.

Popular Features

  • Offline sales
  • Email and bank validations
  • Sales reports
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Multichannel Sales

Start a sale with one channel and finish it in another, delivering a seamless customer experience. Integrates field, tele, web, stores, event channels and more.

Popular Features

  • Custom integrations
  • Custom journeys
  • Digital signatures
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