Multichannel sales, made easy

PSI powers in-person, online and over the phone selling for energy and telco companies across Europe.

With over 1 million transactions processed every day, and over £1 billion revenue generated by our clients every year, there’s a reason we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies.

Deliver best in class customer experiences

Proven with over 10,000 users, our flagship Fusion platform reduces customer onboarding times from days to minutes and erradicates downtime in the field, allowing your teams to sell more. How? Our cutting-edge technology is highly customisable, integrates with multiple systems and automates complex processes. 

Learn how our technology can unlock the full potential of your sales channels:

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Territory Management

Give your field reps and managers the power to get the most out of every route and campaign – capturing every opportunity with watertight field sales software.

Popular Features

  • Field campaigns
  • Route assignment
  • Unlimited address data and lead capture
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End-To-End Sales

Close sales in minutes, not days. Enable reps to sign and onboard customers in a single conversation – and auto-provision the remainder of the sales journey.

Popular Features

  • Offline sales
  • Email and bank validations
  • Sales reports
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Multichannel Sales

Start a sale with one channel and finish it in another, delivering a seamless customer experience. Integrates field, tele, web, stores, event channels and more.

Popular Features

  • Custom integrations
  • Custom journeys
  • Digital signatures
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Switching to a new field sales software platform can be a significant change, and what you need to know before committing often goes beyond the feature set and pricing.

If you want more information about what PSI’s software solutions and expertise can do for your sales operations, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

PSI is a sales solution designed help to help the telecom and utility industry achieve better sales outcomes with:

Effective territory management software enables you to manage your sales territory and your field reps. It enables you to capture customer data and assign and adapt field sales rep routes based on customer insights, ensuring your reps are as productive as they can be.

PSI’s territory management solution is a foundational sales platform for overseeing and optimising campaigns and rep performance – all while ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations and best practice.

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End-to-end sales software enables a sales team to go beyond lead capture, recording all a customer’s information in one place, at the point of sale. This can even include installation dates if the customer is happy to commit to a time.

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Multichannel sales technology enables multiple sales channels – field sales, tele sales and web sales – to feed into a single, automated backend system.

Each sales channel can have its own distinct sales processes and customer journey, but with a multichannel solution, the data inputs are consolidated and consistent – streamlining the customer experience and giving sales teams better insight to work with.

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While we know that budget is a key factor, choosing the right level of PSI is less a case of how much you can afford and more about the issues you’re trying to resolve.

If your main pain point is around the deployment of sales resources, managing field rep performance or utilising campaign data, Leads + or Sales + might be the answer.

But if you’re looking to bolster your customer experience with smoother customer journeys, more efficient processes and less time to billing, Enterprise will have the advanced tools you need. Find out more about what each PSI package has to offer on our pricing page.

PSI is designed to be essential software for field sales teams and multichannel strategies, and so we wanted to make it as accessible as possible. We know companies with just five sales reps who have used PSI to gain a competitive advantage, as well as sales teams of a thousand or more.

No, the PSI platform can hold an unlimited number of daily leads and addresses so you can continue to scale your reach.

We offer two types of support to our clients: Software Support and Agent Support. Our support team is based in the EU and available 8am–8pm Mon–Fri, 11am–4pm Sat (GMT).

Our PSI Fusion platform is a fat client that can operate offline as well as online. That means your field sales reps can continue to complete sales even if they’re in offline areas, with all validations completed once their connectivity is restored.

Yes, there is a setup fee to cover configuring sales journeys within the platform to meet your brand’s specific requirements.

As a low-code, no-code system, PSI is significantly faster and cheaper to set up than building a bespoke solution from scratch. It can also be configured to meet your brand’s specific needs, so that you can get the efficiency of an off-the-shelf solution but with a greater degree of flexibility.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in successfully launching field sales solutions for telco and energy companies. We understand what successful rollouts look like in those industries and the importance of simple, intuitive tech, and our team will support you throughout delivery.

Yes. Our team of telco and energy industry experts can help you identify the key points to showcase the benefits of adopting a new sales software platform, and support you in putting together a business case.

With its highly flexible low code, no code design, the PSI platform can be easily configured to work with dozens of systems and form part of a bespoke, seamless network.

Yes. With over 20 years’ experience in creating field sales solutions, our team has a deep understanding of industry best practices. We can apply these to our pre-configured sales journeys, as well as bring a consultative approach to help you identify and implement the most effective journeys for your company.

If you want to learn more about the software and field sales solutions PSI offers, take a look at our blog or get in touch to speak to an expert.