At PSI, we’ve been successfully delivering software solutions and supporting end-user experiences for the Utility and Telco industries across 40 countries, for over 14 years.

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Our solutions combine mobile and cloud technology with the security and track record of an application that is proven in the field. While some vendors design bespoke software packages that come with significant lead times and prohibitive costs, PSI’s solutions integrate with your existing systems, or work as standalone applications.

With many preconfigured templates to choose from, we ensure deployment of PSI’s technology is quick and pain-free. For more bespoke solutions, our engineers and account managers work with you to fine-tune our software to the specific requirements of your organisation, delivering a unique and complete software solution.

Our strength is our bond with our clients. We understand that our clients require more than just leading-edge technology, they also require best in class after-sales support.

“PSI is the real deal, which means when someone in the business comes to our team with a problem we know together we can deliver it, on time. From the regulators perspective we went from being the worst energy company in field sales to best in class for the last 6 years running. We are given as the example of what should be done to other energy companies”



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PSI Dublin is dedicated to the innovative use of technologies that enhance data driven decision making in over 40 countries worldwide. We’re always on the lookout for dedicated, ambitious employees to join our team. If you have an inquisitive mind, an energetic outlook, a proactive disposition, and you fit any of the job descriptions below, then we want to hear from you.


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