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PSI Company Overview


Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with a regional office in London, PSI Mobile is all about the innovative use of Mobile technologies that enhance data driven decision making. Our solutions improve efficiencies, while providing greater control of Business Processes, with a focus on key sectors like Government, Utilities (including Telco’s) and Humanitarian (International NGO’s).

PSI’s Fusion Application Platform is at the heart of everything, allowing for Large Scale, Data Rich, Complex Business Process, and Codeless Applications to be delivered to a secure container on multiple types of devices with different form factors (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC).

PSI’s advantage is based on the fact that Fusion’s Native Client Applications are delivered with offline capabilities, securely to devices without the need to write any new software code. These applications are quick and less costly to deploy than bespoke applications but are flexible enough to meet specific Customer Requirements. Preconfigured application templates allow for rapid deployment of prototype applications, and this coupled with PSI’s experience in successfully delivering various Solutions and supporting end users across 38 Countries worldwide gives us in a distinctive advantage over other solutions.