Supercharge your scheduling

Boost sales team efficiency with PSI’s appointment management feature. With our simplified scheduling and streamlined workflows, you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell.

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Streamline your schedule, maximise results


Cross-Team Scheduling

Assign appointments to individuals, teams, or groups for seamless collaboration.


One-click workflows

Launch workflows directly from the appointment view, with a single click.


Effortless organisation

Switch between daily, weekly, or monthly calendar views for optimal scheduling.


Sync to your calendar

Give the customer more control by facilitating signatures on their own device.


Intelligent forms

Save time with automatic data population from previous callbacks.


Capture every opportunity

Manage incomplete and overdue appointments to stay on top of follow-ups.

Seamless scheduling starts here

Behind every PSI solution is domain expertise formed over years of working with leaders in the energy, telco and charity sectors. PSI’s appointment management features slot effortlessly into your current sales process, minimising disruption and maximising results.

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