Why Your Utility Company SHOULD Go Mobile

Posted by Karl Davis on 02-Apr-2015 14:02:20

Competition is on the rise as a utility company. And with more possibilities for consumers to entertain, many companies like yours are looking for new ways to get an advantage. With the constant presence of technology in the hands and laps of virtually every capable person, companies of every industry are looking for new ways to meet their consumers halfway.

And unlike 10 years ago, having an online presence isn’t enough to catch and keep the attention of your clients or leads. In 2015, your best chance to garner new clients and optimize your current service is to go mobile! Everyone is constantly occupied and in transit -- so it’s only right to meet your clients where they always are: on the go.

The benefits of having your company running with a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) can bring in more sales while improving your customer service at the same time. From tapping into new communication methods to being able to direct your team from afar, there are several positive factors that could turn your utility company’s framework on its head for the better.

Integrating a mobile application platform with your utility field teams helps customers by streamlining service.

Delight Your Customers While In the Field

When you’re a consumer, it’s expected for you to want the best quality at the most affordable rates possible and with the quickest service. Often times, people settle for one of those three qualities because companies have a hard time appeasing every need.

By going mobile, you’re now better suited to solve problems and respond to requests in a faster, more efficient way. Maybe you can’t compete with prices from your competitors or maybe the quality of your service is in a rebuilding phase. However, when it comes to improving the aspects of your utility company that you can control, integrating a mobile application platform can show your customers that you’re still dedicated to the quality of your customer service.

Plus, if your mobile application platform is available to your customers, they’ll also be able to communicate with you by taking photos of their meter readers, for instance. This clear cut way of doing business ensures customers are being honest about their complaints and you’re team will be sure to fix the problem right the first time.

Update Your Numbers in Real Time

Are you tired of waiting till after the weekend to get updates on your sales, number of work requests, number of interested clients, equipment stock and more critical statistical data that your management team thrives off of?

By making use of today’s technology in a MEAP, you won’t even have to log into a desktop computer to access these statistics. From the comfort of your own hand, you’ll have a new way to track progress and even communicate with your field members to make the necessary changes.

Giving mobile technology to your team and customers builds your reputation as a utility company focused on service, not sales.

Earn More by Saving More

Of course by selling more services or adding new clients is the most common way to increase sales and profits. What’s less common is what our parents taught us: save. Have you considered all of the savings you’d be accumulating with less printing, electricity costs, ink and all of the other associated fees that comes with handling all company data with paperwork?

Some of our clients have experience big reduction cuts such as steep as 95% in printing and postage.

Build Your Reputation as an Innovative Company

Keeping your company in line with the 21st century’s advancements can often be a challenge, especially if you’re a traditional industry offering services like electricity. By showing your willingness to change and adapt to the needs and concerns of your customers, this will boost your reputation as a utility supplier whose focus is on service, not sales, which customers new and old can respect.

Get Real Time Access To Your Data

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