4 Reasons Why Training via Mobile Sales Solution is Better than a Seminar

Posted by Karl Davis on 28-Apr-2015 10:00:00
For your new hires, nothing is more important than being able to properly train them so they can smoothly integrate into your already existing company operations. And in the utility industry, the speed in which training is done plays a crucial role in how quickly your new employees can go from trainees to full-fledged employees finalising contracts in the field.

In this post, we’ll outline the benefits of training your new staff with the use of a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) as opposed to conducting informative sessions in a traditional seminar setting.

Transition with Ease

One of the toughest parts of bringing new members on board is being able to shed their past work habits and instill ones that benefit their new role. As a company who uses a mobile application platform to communicate internally as well as with customers, why not introduce them to your MEAP early?

Rather than conducting training sessions in a traditional seminar, make use of your mobile application platform to instill a sense of mobility to your workforce.

Whether your company subscribes to a BYOD policy or if you provide your staff with devices, having your hires in front of the application right out the gate is bound to get them acclimated quickly to the productive work environment that you’ve created.

Training via seminar is beneficial if your team works from an office. However, as a utility provider, your employees will be in the field, at customers’ homes and in the office. On-the-job training will likely be required as new members may pair up with experienced field team members. While commuting between clients, these new hires can make use of their time by fulfilling training sessions on your MEAP.

Improve Memory Recall

Often times, it’s the non-traditional methods that stick out the most for employees. In fact, more companies are using mobile applications or games to conduct training sessions as opposed to seminars due to their ability to improve memory recall.

Especially for the tasks that may be mundane and repetitive, using these new age techniques for training can help make it easier to remember how your management team likes tasks to be done.

Meet Employees Where They Are — On Their Device

As it’s becoming more popular to see companies adopting BYOD policies as part of their business strategy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that employee training is cashing in on this trend also.

According to statistics, 2 out of 3 companies will adopt a BYOD solution by the year 2017. As the number of employers providing this strategy rises, it only makes sense to see more and more company operations switch to this format.

While your utility company makes necessary adjustments to industry trends, the same should go for your internal operations. By meeting your employees where they are, you’re showing your ability to adapt to new trends and that will likely improve your team’s satisfaction within the workplace.

Spend less time assembling your new hires and coordianating a physical seminar by conducting your training sesions on your MEAP.

Save Time & Paperwork

A disadvantage of running a seminar is having to assemble all the necessary employees, print out itineraries and pause regular business tasks. And while there are benefits for face-to-face interactions, there are also helpful training tools you can use with your mobile application platform to get your team up-to-date on the way your company is run. Using the MEAP technology at your fingertips in your training session allows you to eliminate the costs for paper, ink and paused business.

As there are clearly benefits for both forms of training, teaching done through mobile application platforms likely best suits those in the utility industry. For more information on how to conduct training sessions effectively using your MEAP technology, contact one of our representatives to set up a consultation today!

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