Add Mobile Technology for a More Agile Workforce

Posted by Karl Davis on 03-Apr-2015 15:00:00

In today’s age, any company that uses the internet to run their daily operations is well-aware of the importance that mobility has for their staff and clients. Not only does mobility enable your team to close deals while outside of the office, it also allows them to have real-time access to all the events that are concurrently going on, no matter their location.

Having a workforce that is agile and quick to adapt to any situation is ideal for any utility company. With quicker, more efficient service, your clients will also reap the benefits of having a representative who’s able to enhance their service at the drop of a hat via your new mobile application platform.

Although we’re sure that the advantages are clear, we’d like to break down how using mobile technology for your utility team will give way to a more agile workforce and even happier clients.

Synchronise your utility field teams with a mobile application platform.

Why Do You Need an On-The-Go Workforce?

Although the utility industry may not have changed much in the past several years -- deregulation aside -- a lot has changed in the forefront of technology across every single industry. And as a result, many of your clients’ demands have also changed. Customers are now expecting quicker service that can be requested and reviewed at the click of a button.


More Professional Service

As far as customer service goes, having a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) allows you to show off the advanced nature of your business. Customers will likely view a representative corresponding via tablet more professional than a rep that has to make a series of phone calls to verify certain pertinent customer information.


Quickly Communicate with Colleagues

Teamwork makes the dream work. And using a mobile application platform enables your team to correspond with each other more effectively. For simple needs like assigning a field worker to a new route because of his/her proximity to a client, having a mobile technology can benefit everyone involved.

Even more complicated tasks like alerting your team to avoid certain avenues because of traffic can save them ample amounts of time, while preserving the solid customer service reputation that your team has already built.


Better Address Your Clients’ Needs

Why is my bill so high? How do I adjust my water meter? What’s does this rattling noise mean?

Utility customers are full of questions that need answering. And like any type of customer, they want answers as soon as possible. Using a MEAP properly will give you the chance to see these questions as they roll in. If your customers are becoming increasingly mobile and tech savvy, they’ll likely use other resources to ask questions rather than traditional email.

If your MEAP is accompanied by an application that end-users could also access, this streamlined conversation would answer questions faster and ease the concerns of your anxious customers.

Streamline several processes by using mobile technology to create a more uniform field team.All in all, integrating a mobile application platform into your utility company serves as a benefit for both you and your clients. With easier, more user-friendly communication internally and a simpler way to answer customer questions, you’ll be cutting the fat off your business and revealing the muscle that lies underneath.

Since times are changing quickly and technology even quicker, we’d rather you stay ahead of the curve rather than catch up to the speed of the evolving industry. Saving time on tedious tasks allows your field teams to be out in the field gathering more clients and solving more utility issues.

For more information on how to integrate a MEAP into your company’s infrastructure, please feel free to contact us!

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