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Pushy sales. Misleading wording. Outright lies.

Mis Selling and Risk Mitigation: Are you Compliant or Complicit?

Posted by Karl Davis on 17 September 2015
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How do customers see your brand?

How Business Process Automation Fuel Energy Companies

Posted by Karl Davis on 17 September 2015
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How do you reward your sales stars?

Do you focus exclusively on the numbers, doling out glory (and commissions) based purely on how many sales they can pack into a day?

Do you take the view that, so long as they find a way to hit their targets, you won’t ask any questions?

If you’re answering yes to either of these questions, what happens when things go wrong?

Why Utility and Telco Companies are Haemorrhaging Sales Rejections

Posted by Karl Davis on 10 September 2015
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Imagine if you could keep an eagle eye on mobile employees’ progress throughout their working day, safe in the knowledge that everyone’s pulling their weight and following the correct procedures to a T.

Imagine if you could respond instantly to what’s happening in the field, rapidly assessing and adapting your strategy for maximum impact on the fly.

Imagine if you had a fair, reliable, straightforward system for evaluating individual performance and giving insightful, responsive feedback that helps your team to get better all the time.

Benefits of Field Force Automation

Posted by Karl Davis on 2 September 2015
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In this new age of interconnectivity, mobile devices and their capabilities are becoming increasingly valuable. And their advantages have far surpassed just simple personal use for social media, games and bank applications — it’s in the workplace, too.

In fact, it’s predicted that by the year 2017, 50% of employers will require their staff to bring their own device when they step into their job’s premises. That’s one out of every two employers!

It should not come as a surprise, however. Since the rise of the cell phone and the tablet, there have been multiple applications created to serve work purposes and to simplify the modern workplace.

What Goes Into Your BYOD Policy?

Posted by Karl Davis on 20 July 2015
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As a company who may be in need of new tools to maximize your productivity, sales and/or customer service experience, finding the right solution can be a difficult process. Several factors have to be considered such as price, effectiveness and ease of use for your staff.

Plus, if you’re part of a larger organization, there are likely several different managers or executives that you must go through first, before the smallest decision is even entertained.

Fortunately, however, you have options. Of course, seeing your sales dwindle or your customer-employee interaction on the decline isn’t a welcome sight, but what it does do, however, is offer a new opportunity for a fresh start.

Making the transition from a traditional format of conducting door-to-door sales to making use of a mobile field sales solution can truly revolutionize the way your organization operations. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common reasons why companies hesitate to make the transition — and what to consider when browsing their options.

Common Issues in Choosing New Mobile Software

Posted by Karl Davis on 20 July 2015
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