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How do your NGO's staff members track their activities?

Many utility companies face constant challenges in keeping up with important regulatory and documentation processes. Sometimes, it can feel as your organisation has just gotten used to one set of processes when new documentation and procedural requirements are created.

As new steps are added to or removed from your various processes, it is important to be able to keep in-field staff apprised of any changes in your procedures. So, the question is, “how can in-field staff be brought up to speed with new procedures and requirements on a moment’s notice?” Assuming your team has access to an enterprise mobile application platform (MEAP), making sure that in-field staff are kept aware of procedural changes is easy.

Why Creating Checklists and Workflows on a Customisable Mobile App Platform is Easy

In mobile app platforms such as PSI’s own Fusion platform, your programme managers can create custom checklists/workflows for specific processes, such as donor acquisition forms or beneficiary registration forms. Once created, these forms can be distributed electronically to every member of your field team who has a mobile device loaded with your Fusion mobile app. When in-field staff log into their mobile app, any new forms that your organisation has created will be downloaded in the update.

With Fusion, the process for creating new workflows and checklists is easy, and requires no special programming knowledge. The Fusion app supports the ability to create custom workflows and lists in the app by editing basic form templates.

Existing forms can be easily modified to keep up with changes in regulations. Simply go into the existing form and add or delete modules as necessary. In addition to being easy to change, updates to forms can be distributed to in-field staff very quickly. For example, updates to these forms can be made on a Monday, and be on the mobile devices of all of your in-field staff by Tuesday morning.


Adjusting Staff to Using Their Mobile Applications for Tasks

It wasn't very long ago that the only way to record activities was to write them down by hand, then PDAs started to supplant the day calendar, now mobile apps are the new standard.

Naturally, the best mobile app programme in the world won’t help your organisation any good if your in-field staff don’t use it. When introducing a new piece of software to your staff, it may be necessary to give them some training to get them used to the programme. Thankfully, getting staff adjusted to new practices can be simple.

Not only do MEAPs such as Fusion support custom workflows and checklists, you can even create training modules for in-field staff to get them familiarized with their new software. A simple training task list can be a great way to introduce staff members to the software and reinforce the importance of using the mobile app for data capture, donor and beneficiary processing, or any number of other tasks your team members engage in.

Just like with the checklists and workflows themselves, training modules are distributed electronically so that they are available to the in-field staff members when they log into their mobile app. Notifications that updates are available can be sent by email or text so that even staff members in fairly remote locations can be made aware on a moment’s notice.

With the sheer ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, however, most staff will find that using a mobile app to check off tasks or checklist items will be second nature.


Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Checklists and Workflows

As was already mentioned, using mobile applications for checklists and workflows makes keeping in-field staff up to date with regulatory changes easy by giving them an up-to-date processes that your organisation can edit practically on the fly, but there are other benefits to using mobile apps to distribute and record task lists, including:

  • Ability to create variations of a checklist for different regions. Keeping track of different processes for different regions and making sure that all regulatory needs are met in each country/region can often be a pain. With electronic checklists and workflows on a mobile app, you can create region-specific workflows for when similar activities might require different specific processes.
  • Paperwork reduction. By distributing new workflows and checklists electronically, your organisation reduces its reliance on printed documents. This not only makes it easier on in-field staff to thoroughly document activities (since they don’t have to lug around a big pile of paperwork), it can help to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint by eliminating paper waste.
  • Faster job reporting. When in-field staff complete tasks and log them in the Fusion app, your central office can be notified as soon as staff members can establish an internet connection, rather than wait for a report to be mailed in or hand-delivered. This gives your programme managers the ability to collect data in real time and make more informed decisions in response to changing conditions.

Mobile enterprise application platforms can be a huge help to any organisation. Learn more about the benefits of PSI’s Fusion app platform today.

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