Can GPS Revolutionise Your Productivity?

Posted by Karl Davis on 23-Mar-2015 13:30:00

One of the benefits of using a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) for your utility company is the many different uses that comes with its use. As an employer, much of your focus is on eliminating waste, optimizing service and guaranteeing the happiness to both your clients and field teams.

The implementation of a MEAP within your field sales team has several benefits that streamline the way you do business. Everything from getting live-updates to saving money on printing to keeping data secure can all be attributed to the state-of-the-art technology that goes into mobile application platforms.

In addition to these helpful features, some MEAPs also include GPS tracking technology that can add another element of productivity to your team. Having an exact location for team members affects safety, accountability, work ethic and can even limit operational shortcomings.

In this post, we’ll dig into all the benefits that GPS technology has to offer in your utility company’s MEAP infrastructure.

Mobile application platforms and their use of GPS technology has improved the way utility companies operate.

Better Customer Service, Saved Time & Lower Costs

With the continued use of GPS technology, your customers will be on the receiving end of improved service with more efficient routing and faster response times.

By analyzing the routes your field team takes to meet customers, you have the ability to provide alternatives that better suit both you and the end user. Having a synchronized platform that allows you to see all your team members in the field gives you the upper hand in responding to urgent calls.

By using your GPS capability, you can dispatch employees who are closer to the client instead of assigning a team member who may be farther away. This reduction in wait time benefits everyone involved: clients will enjoy prompt service, the company will uphold or improve their reputation and field workers save money on fuel by traveling to customers within a reasonable distance.

Less Idling & Increased Accountability

With your field teams aware that their employer has the technology to track their movements, this gives them an extra incentive to perform to their fullest ability. Although every employee would like to be the perfect representative of the company, we know nobody’s perfect and some slacking may occur throughout the workday.

Knowing that there’s idle time in the workday means there’s an area of improvement that can slowly enhance the way your utility company runs. In the same way having teachers proctor an exam forces students to be honest with their test-taking, having a GPS can encourage your team to make more use out of their work hours. Employees will be discouraged from standing around or waiting for the next field call knowing that someone’s watching their movements.

Increase worker safety, customer satisfaction and productivity with proper use of your mobile application platform.

Enforce Safe Habits & Increase Safety

The proper use of GPS technology can even improve the safety of your team members. In the rare instances where an accident occurs, your access to real-time information can keep you in the loop of your team’s location and condition.

In the case of a robbery or car accident, your MEAP will be able to give you the latest information on your employee’s location. This gives you an increased sense of security for the sake of your equipment and the well-being of your clients.

You’ll even be able to monitor the habits of your employees should they be up to non-work related endeavors. On the optimistic side, if someone is left stranded due to a flat tire, one could dispatch nearby units to assist your employee-in-need.

These benefits of the GPS feature are crucial to limiting operational inefficiencies while maximizing productivity. For a safe, fully-productive and upbeat utility field team, a MEAP with GPS technology will certainly change your company culture for the better. This technology creates an even more unified working relationship between everyone involved and your customers are sure to notice the difference.

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