Common Issues in Choosing New Mobile Software

Posted by Karl Davis on 20-Jul-2015 16:49:43
As a company who may be in need of new tools to maximize your productivity, sales and/or customer service experience, finding the right solution can be a difficult process. Several factors have to be considered such as price, effectiveness and ease of use for your staff.

Plus, if you’re part of a larger organization, there are likely several different managers or executives that you must go through first, before the smallest decision is even entertained.

Fortunately, however, you have options. Of course, seeing your sales dwindle or your customer-employee interaction on the decline isn’t a welcome sight, but what it does do, however, is offer a new opportunity for a fresh start.

Making the transition from a traditional format of conducting door-to-door sales to making use of a mobile field sales solution can truly revolutionize the way your organization operations. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common reasons why companies hesitate to make the transition — and what to consider when browsing their options.

Does The Technology Suit Your Company’s Needs?

When you’re on the market looking for new solutions to optimise your business performance, every company wants the best option — one that is affordable, intuitive and most importantly one that makes your job easier.

The convenient feature of new mobile field sales solutions is that more of them are becoming customizable to suit your needs. The creators of these solutions are now making the technology able to be tailored to include your company forms, sales compliance documents, sales history, customer information and more.
Make sure your new mobile software technology addresses your company's sales needs primarily.

A major part of having a competitive advantage over companies that offer similar services is the ability to maximize what you do best. By creating a customizable platform that makes your sales team members perform their functions easier and with more confidence, the benefits are clear:

- Less capital is spent in printing & mailing
- The ability to showcase real-time data becomes apparent
- Less time will be spent in the overall sales process
- Communication will be optimized with co-workers & clients
- Increased professionalism with a sleek mobile application

With all of this said, new technology should be embraced if the solutions match up to your company’s needs. Taking on the new challenge of adopting a new way of performing sales can serve as more of a benefit than a limitation for your overall organization.


Cost of Implementing a New Sales Strategy

Another concern of some utility companies is the cost of implementing a new system. If you feel like the technology that a company offers will suit your team, take the time to speak to the mobile field sales solution provider. Make projections as to how the mobile application’s implementation will impact your business for the better — and with this forecast, you’ll be able to see if your potential sales can pay off the price of the application.


Training a Large Sales Staff

Training a large sales staff is easier when done through a tablet or smartphone.Another common inquiry of organizations is the time and effort it takes to train a staff on new technology. As the old adage goes, time is money, and significant amount of time can be used up in the training of your staff on new technology. While this may seem like a timely process, it may be a more effective process as well.

Rather than holding seminars and taking employees off their shift to educate them on their new tools, the mobile aspect of the field sales solution allows them to learn on the go. As your team is likely already familiar with mobile phones and their limitless capabilities, the new software provides an easier method of training that doesn’t require them to skip shifts or reschedule appointments to get the rundown of their new tools.


In Summary

No matter the type of mobile field sales solution that you’re looking for, sit down with the provider to make sure all of your needs can be met in a timely, affordable and effective manner. The mobility aspect of these solutions make it easier to integrate into your company’s infrastructure than other types of tools — so fortunately, you’ll be able to maximize your performance with ease once you find the perfect solution.

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