Maximise Your Team's Productivity with Mobile Application Platforms

Posted by Karl Davis on 10-Mar-2015 14:18:00

It should be a short- and long-term goal of every employee to maximise their production and contribution to the team. It should also be the goal of every leader to provide the tools necessary so team members are able to strive for that goal.

In the utility industry, companies with outdated technology are at a disadvantage due to long sales processes, back-and-forth billing, inconsistent communication and a plethora of other factors. With the integration of a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), many of these issues get left in the past and overall performance begins to rise.

As a means to optimise your team’s collaboration efforts while synchronising individual projects, implementing a MEAP into your company’s framework enhances your overall performance by creating happier clients and more productive employees.

Curious to know HOW? Of course you are.

Here’s how investing in mobile application platform can better serve your clients by boosting your team’s productivity.

Synchronizing employees with a MEAP is proven to lead to increased profitability.

Speed Up the Billing Process

Every business is aware that time is money. And every company wants to conserve as much of both as possible. With a MEAP being used among your staff, billing new customers in face-to-face interactions will become far less complicated.

A mobile application allows transactions to take place in LESS time by eliminating the need to submit paperwork or wait for verification from credit card companies. With more time on their hands, this gives your field teams the ability to reach more potential customers with a more productive billing method.


See & Address Problems in REAL Time

One of the keys to maintaining a productive work environment stems from limiting the amount of company problems. Of course they’re bound to happen, but solving them quickly and effectively allows your team to focus on what they do best. Transitioning to a MEAP allows your entire staff to be on the same page and see dilemmas as they happen.

As opposed to scheduling conference calls or waiting for staff meetings to address companywide setbacks, real-time updates available on MEAPs give you the upper hand in finding a proper solution.

No matter the type of mobile device or operating system, MEAPs give you the chance to  address problems in a collaborative method. Brainstorming alongside your employees can lead to quicker, more innovative solutions that can put everybody back on the right track of productivity.


Correspond with Team Members Faster

Like any relationship, communication is crucial to keeping the fire alive. And it’s no different in the workplace. With every team member on a uniform platform, it becomes easier to keep track of projects with all the details in one place.

Improved communication through a mobile application platform leads to better performance and enhanced productivity.

This improves workflow and organisation, which in turn allows productivity to flourish. Aligning company communication goes a long way in eliminating wasted time searching for the right correspondence among emails, text messages and phone calls.



Manage & Optimise Sales Processes Faster

Even when not in the field, employees still have access to the highly-secure mobile application platform. This allows employees to fill in details when not on the clock. They can input notes, make reminders, manage ongoing sales and much more all from the comfort of their mobile device.

Learn More

Dare to take the leap with a MEAP? Click the link below to see how our mobile application platform can revolutionise the way your utility company does business.


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