The Competitive Advantage of Using a Mobile Field Sales Solution

Posted by Karl Davis on 20-Apr-2015 10:30:00

Although the utility industry is one that leaves little room for groundbreaking changes in company operation, there are still ways to enhance the way your business runs. Sometimes you and your competition offer very similar services and the only way to stand out is how you interact with your customers in face-to-face meetings.

In many places, having a deregulated utility industry benefits the consumers with more competition breeding lower prices and more affordable living. And in your deregulated market, the changes shouldn’t only benefit your customers  you’re also able to take advantage of the benefits, as long as you know how to implement them.

By incorporating a mobile enterprise application platform in your business operations, you’ll open the door to more possibilities to improve the way you provide your utility service. From making the sales process quicker to simplifying your client interactions to reaching the full potential of your field teams’ productivity, there are several ways your company can stay one step ahead of your competition.

Respond to work requests faster by having real-time data on-the-go through your mobile application platform.

Meet Your Clients Where They Are

After supplying top-tier utility service, keeping your customers happy and fulfilled should be your company’s next priority. And of course you can do this by telling them, but it’s always better to show than tell.

Say a client calls and their utility situation requires immediate attention from a field specialist. Instead of having them wait for the next business day for service, with the use of your mobile application platform, you can assign an employee who’s already in the field, to address the call. And as a manager, you can even supervise the job progression by viewing the workflow in real-time on your MEAP.

Where your competitors may lack in efficiency and response time, you can thrive. And this unexpected, prompt service will likely cause a ripple effect with your customers spreading the word to their friends who subscribes to a competitor’s services.


Streamline Your Sales Process

If your competitors still take the time during the sales process to jot down important information using pens and paper, then they’re not making full use out of all of the resources available. Here’s where you can gain the competitive advantage.

The use of a mobile application platform not only saves your company on printing and ink costs, it also saves you crucial time when finalizing sales. Using a tablet or smartphone while in the field allows you to conduct real-time transactions, sign-ups and work requests without having to travel back to the office to process.

As a manger, you’re also able to assign projects or service calls from the convenience of your mobile device. Having the ability to run and manage your business on-the-go gives you the flexibility that your competitors may not have and it benefits all players involved.


Maximise Your Team’s Production

Less time handling paperwork and delivering customer information means more time to have face-to-face interactions with your customers. Spending more of the workday building relationships between consumer and utility provider shows the customer how invested you are in understanding their needs, wants and concerns.

Furthermore, if your mobile application platform allows your customers to also have the application on their device, then they’re able to answer their own questions by scrolling through the resources that’s on your MEAP. They will also be able to utilise the data capture tool which allows them to take photos and post it on the platform to show your sales team what their issue may be.

Take advantage of increasing productivity by saving time with a MEAP's streamlined service.Like a football club owner, you’re able to oversee the entire field of operation, except with a mobile application platform, you’re also able to call the shots to optimise your employees’ time management.

A more productive team also means more room for growth in your profits. With improved sales orders and service dispatches, your team’s improved efficiency will be noticeable and allow you to spend more company time solving issues, finding alternative ways to serve your clients and grow your business. 

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