Halloween 2011 was even more frightening than usual for Homeserve, the emergency repair and insurance giant. Why? Because 31st October began with some spine-tingling news: not only had the company been publicly shamed by news coverage of its mis-selling scandal, but its shares had taken a tumble.

A serious tumble.

Benefits of Field Sales Solutions for Risk Mitigation

Posted by David Costello on 24 November 2015
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CFOs and Sales Managers: hardly natural allies, right? I mean, when your job is to meticulously plan and organize the firm’s finances, safeguarding your cashflow and making sure you have the right funds in the right place at the right time to facilitate the company’s growth objectives, an over-ambitious sales forecast can throw a real spanner in the works.

How Contemporary Utility Companies Conquer Tactical Marketing

Posted by David Costello on 10 November 2015
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If you’re still capturing field data by hand, you’re wasting your time.

The Real Reason Smart CFOs Embrace Electronic Data Capture

Posted by David Costello on 27 October 2015
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Gone are the days when a CFO’s role was limited to mere financial management and manoeuvring.

The CFO as Super-Strategist: How to Reduce Operation Cost in Your Utility Company

Posted by David Costello on 8 October 2015
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