Every business is by now aware of the enormous potential for success made available by technology. Digitally mature organisations have already implemented Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT)and analytics programs – but the next step is to institute a digital transformation strategy that allows them to take action using the new insights they create.

Strategy and Mindset is Crucial to Digital Transformation

Posted by David Costello on 19 October 2016
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Although the overall goal of your digital transformation program is to delight customers, it begins and ends with one factor – data. Or more specifically, how you collect and use information.

Data Reporting – The Tiger in Your Tank

Posted by David Costello on 3 October 2016
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The utilities sector is undergoing seismic change, responding to change demanded by customers, the industry, and regulators. In an effort to understand this evolution, IDC commissioned a report – Designing the new utility business models.

Only 22% of utilities providers are innovative – will the other 78% be swallowed up?

Posted by David Costello on 13 September 2016
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Field sales teams have always been relatively early adopters of mobile technology. The need to capture accurate information and boost productivity on the road helped to fuel the uptake of laptops and tablet devices in the workplace for instance.

Extending the in-house Mobility Program

Posted by David Costello on 9 September 2016
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The overall goal for every digital transformation programme is to improve the customer’s individual experience. In age where prices and products are increasingly generic, customer experience is now your greatest weapon against competitors; according to a report published by Echo Research, 70% of consumers are willing to spend more money with a company that provides good customer service.

Digital Transformation and Compliance: Are we Doing This Change Thing Right?

Posted by David Costello on 2 September 2016
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Inter-departmental politics and manoeuvring is nothing new – particularly in ‘mature’ businesses with very well established processes. Massaging sales figures, selective disclosures and incomplete reports are par for the course as ‘siloed’ business units seek to protect their teams, their projects and their budgets.

Learning to be Honest With Yourselves

Posted by David Costello on 30 August 2016
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