Is your technology holding you back? A lot of service executives seem to think so. Two-fifths of those interviewed by Servicemax said that sub-par technology infrastructure is keeping their company from growing. So what are they doing about it?

The Technology That Will Maximise Your Utility Firm’s ROI

Posted by David Costello on 13 November 2015
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Does your utility company have a strategy for when disaster strikes?

How Emergencies Can Use Mobile Field Solutions

Posted by Karl Davis on 25 May 2015
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Although the utility industry is one that leaves little room for groundbreaking changes in company operation, there are still ways to enhance the way your business runs. Sometimes you and your competition offer very similar services and the only way to stand out is how you interact with your customers in face-to-face meetings.

In many places, having a deregulated utility industry benefits the consumers with more competition breeding lower prices and more affordable living. And in your deregulated market, the changes shouldn’t only benefit your customers  you’re also able to take advantage of the benefits, as long as you know how to implement them.

By incorporating a mobile enterprise application platform in your business operations, you’ll open the door to more possibilities to improve the way you provide your utility service. From making the sales process quicker to simplifying your client interactions to reaching the full potential of your field teams’ productivity, there are several ways your company can stay one step ahead of your competition.

The Competitive Advantage of Using a Mobile Field Sales Solution

Posted by Karl Davis on 20 April 2015
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Running your utility company becomes easier when you can afford the luxury of worrying less about how your time is spent or how your field teams’ efforts are being used. As you probably already know, the use of a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) within your organisation can work wonders in streamlining production and cutting costs — saving some companies upwards of 95% in printing costs.

Did you also know that mobile application platforms can also reduce the amount of labour that goes into sales, maintenance and communication? With less focus on these crucial points of your business, you open the door to more productive possibilities — including expanding your production efforts, spending more time analysing data and building a stronger reputation with your dedicated clients.

Due to the nature of a deregulated utility industry bringing out the competitive nature among fellow companies, every executive team is on the prowl for ways to make their business better. So here in this post, we’ll outline how you’ll be able to optimise your business practices and eliminate wasted time from the inside out with the proper use of your mobile enterprise application platform.

Maximise Time & Labour with Mobile Application Platforms

Posted by Karl Davis on 16 April 2015
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If your company’s progression into the 21st century has led you to the point where your employees are bringing their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to the workplace, then you’re not alone. More and more businesses are starting to realise the cost and productivity benefits of allowing their staff to take technology into their own hands while they work.

But of course, with the advent of new policies comes increased risks trailing not far behind. Before implementing a Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD) into your field team operations, it’s imperative to be prepared by mapping out all the potential consequences and creating a management strategy to address these concerns.

4 Tricks for BYOD Policy Management

Posted by Karl Davis on 14 April 2015
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Many utility companies face constant challenges in keeping up with important regulatory and documentation processes. Sometimes, it can feel as your organisation has just gotten used to one set of processes when new documentation and procedural requirements are created.

As new steps are added to or removed from your various processes, it is important to be able to keep in-field staff apprised of any changes in your procedures. So, the question is, “how can in-field staff be brought up to speed with new procedures and requirements on a moment’s notice?” Assuming your team has access to an enterprise mobile application platform (MEAP), making sure that in-field staff are kept aware of procedural changes is easy.

Avoid Hefty Fines from Mis-selling

Posted by Kieran O'Toole on 6 April 2015
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