With the gradual deregulation in utility markets across Europe has come a similarly incremental improvement for customers and their utility providers. Such improvements include greener energy usage, lower costs and growth within their national economies. However, it hasn’t been all perfect. Like with any large-scale change such as deregulating an industry also comes setbacks.

In Europe and throughout the globe, energy companies have been taking advantage of the deregulation and have been found to mis-sell their services. Whether it’s a communication error among employees and their managers or whether it’s due to the pressure to sell, the victim is always the customer.

Being Anti-Compliant Costs Utility Companies HOW MUCH?

Posted by Karl Davis on 20 March 2015
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For any business that has to provide in-field service and support to customers over a large geographic area, handling a mobile workforce can be a challenge. From creating timetables and planning service routes, to coordinating in-field sales team efforts, Utility companies have an enormous task before them just running their day to day operations.

Compounding the complexity of running a large force of in-field staff is the fact that many of them use many different kinds of devices for keeping up with work tasks. For example, Charles, a member of the sales team, loves to use a tablet for taking sales orders and closing contracts in the field with customers because it has a large, easy to read screen and is compatible with a stylus pen for taking signatures. Edward, a meter reader/service technician, prefers to use his smartphone for work because it is small and easy to carry.

Mobile Workforce Management for a Large Field Force with Many Devices

Posted by Karl Davis on 4 December 2014
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A critical element in closing deals with customers is the speed and flexibility of your sales team. This is especially true for in-field utility sales staff who are operating outside of a corporate office. When these staff members are trying to close a deal with prospective customers in the field, they need to have the ability to get important documents signed and verified as quickly as possible.

Why? Because in this day and age, consumers are used to getting things fast. Many customers view the sales process as a litmus test of the kind of service they can expect once they’ve signed a contract for service with your company. This is just one reason why you always want to make a good first impression, and part of making a good impression is being fast, efficient, and flexible.

Flexibility of a Utility Sales Platform

Posted by Karl Davis on 2 December 2014
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