More power to your sales teams - improving utilities customer engagement

Posted by David Costello on 4 April 2018
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In a saturated market, utilities sales teams need to constantly evolve techniques to encourage customers to switch provider. At the same time, an increasingly savvy customer base is forcing dramatic changes in the utilities industry with demands for greater control and personalisation.

How Will Utilities Industry Sales Focus Change in 2018?

Posted by David Costello on 13 December 2017
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No company in ANY industry wants to face the consequences of paying millions in fines due to their field teams mis-selling their product or services. Unfortunately for some utility companies , this violation led them to compensate their customers heavily due to an error made by their staff.

Whether intentional or not, you want to be sure to take every precaution possible to prevent this from ever happening. Fortunately, with the use of a mobile field sales solution, utility company managers have the ability to not only track their clients with GPS technology, but can also monitor the sales activity in progress.

Now, we understand that this would require more oversight on the part of your company’s managers, but the convenient part is that this monitoring can be done with your device.

2 Ways GPS Can Prevent Mis-Selling

Posted by Karl Davis on 21 May 2015
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Although the utility industry is one that leaves little room for groundbreaking changes in company operation, there are still ways to enhance the way your business runs. Sometimes you and your competition offer very similar services and the only way to stand out is how you interact with your customers in face-to-face meetings.

In many places, having a deregulated utility industry benefits the consumers with more competition breeding lower prices and more affordable living. And in your deregulated market, the changes shouldn’t only benefit your customers  you’re also able to take advantage of the benefits, as long as you know how to implement them.

By incorporating a mobile enterprise application platform in your business operations, you’ll open the door to more possibilities to improve the way you provide your utility service. From making the sales process quicker to simplifying your client interactions to reaching the full potential of your field teams’ productivity, there are several ways your company can stay one step ahead of your competition.

The Competitive Advantage of Using a Mobile Field Sales Solution

Posted by Karl Davis on 20 April 2015
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Many utility companies face constant challenges in keeping up with important regulatory and documentation processes. Sometimes, it can feel as your organisation has just gotten used to one set of processes when new documentation and procedural requirements are created.

As new steps are added to or removed from your various processes, it is important to be able to keep in-field staff apprised of any changes in your procedures. So, the question is, “how can in-field staff be brought up to speed with new procedures and requirements on a moment’s notice?” Assuming your team has access to an enterprise mobile application platform (MEAP), making sure that in-field staff are kept aware of procedural changes is easy.

Avoid Hefty Fines from Mis-selling

Posted by Kieran O'Toole on 6 April 2015
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In today’s age, any company that uses the internet to run their daily operations is well-aware of the importance that mobility has for their staff and clients. Not only does mobility enable your team to close deals while outside of the office, it also allows them to have real-time access to all the events that are concurrently going on, no matter their location.

Having a workforce that is agile and quick to adapt to any situation is ideal for any utility company. With quicker, more efficient service, your clients will also reap the benefits of having a representative who’s able to enhance their service at the drop of a hat via your new mobile application platform.

Although we’re sure that the advantages are clear, we’d like to break down how using mobile technology for your utility team will give way to a more agile workforce and even happier clients.

Add Mobile Technology for a More Agile Workforce

Posted by Karl Davis on 3 April 2015
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