Using Mobile Applications to Improve Field Sales Teams

Posted by Karl Davis on 02-Feb-2015 15:21:00

Improving sales team results and minimising mis-selling incidents means making sure that employees are trained to the same standards and follow them.

Finding ways to make sure that sales team efforts are coordinated and uniform is a common concern for utility companies. When field sales team members are uncoordinated, with different teams using different practices and methods, field sales compliance can suffer, leading to mis-sales or loss of sales.

Ensuring field sales compliance is easier when every field sales team is working from the same operational plan and is held to the same standards. The trick is finding a way to ensure that everyone in the company has access to the same training and resources, and actually uses them.

One way to make certain that every field sales team member is working with the same operational practices is to use a mobile application platform.


The Benefits of Standardising Practices for All Sales Teams

Why would you want to make sure that field sales teams are using standardised business practices? As was mentioned earlier, standardising practices does help to prevent mis-selling, but there is more to it than that. Other benefits of standardising field sales team practices include:

  • Improved communication between sales teams and other branches of the business.

  • Field sales team members can transfer from one region to another with a minimum of confusion.

  • Identifying irregular sales behaviours is easier, making audits simpler.

  • A reduction in time and capital spent on administration paperwork and labour.

When all field sales teams have a standardised set of practices that they work from, including using the same record-keeping standards and forms, there is less risk of confusion in dealing with communications from sales teams in different regions. Also, by standardising practices, when one team member is transferred to a new team, he or she will not have to learn a whole new set of practices, minimising the time it takes to settle into the new team.

On the control end, when practices are standardised, aberrant behaviours are easier to spot, allowing administrators to identify employees who are a high risk for mis-selling more quickly. This helps your company eliminate the risk before it becomes a major fiasco that results in hefty fines and penalties. As an added bonus, this makes administrative tasks easier, so there is less time and money spent on administrative tasks.


How Mobile Application Platforms Help Your Company Standardise Sales Team Practices

Mobile applications are a powerful business tool, and can enable many different actions by your field sales teams.

Mobile enterprise application platforms, when used for mobile workforce management, can help ensure that all of your in-field sales team members are working from a standard set of practices. How so? There are several ways that you can use a customisable mobile application platform to ensure that field sales teams are trained in, and stick to, a standard set of practices.


#1: Training Via Mobile Workflows

One of the major issues that gets in the way of field sales team members utilising a single set of standards is that from time to time in a large company that relies on print training forms or even simply on “on-the-job” tutoring from more experienced sales team members, certain standards can be missed.

For example, when dealing with print training materials, as standards and practices are changed to meet new regulations, the print forms will remain the same. If such forms are not promptly replaced with every change in regulations, then the new personnel being trained will not be cognizant of the gap between the expectations set forth in the training manual and the reality. Even with on-the-job training, it is too easy for the experienced employee to forget to tell a new hire about some critical process that changed some time ago.

By setting field sales staff up with required mobile training workflows, you can make sure that all employees are tested on the latest set of standards and practices for field selling. Whenever there’s a new training workflow, you can set up a reminder for the employee that will pop up when they log into their work application at the start of their day.


#2: Ensuring Sales Forms are up-to-date

Just as out-of-date training forms can result in mismatched sales practices throughout a utility company, out of date contracts and sales forms can result in some dodgy selling. Worse yet, an outdated form can result in sales team members accidentally mis-selling utility services.

For example, an old form might cite one billing practice that has since been abandoned, confusing customers and causing frustration.

When your field sales teams use mobile enterprise application platforms to process customers, making sure that they have the latest, most up-to-date forms is easy. Whenever you change a form to reflect the latest standards and practices using the template builder included with mobile application platforms such as PSI’s Fusion platform, all team members will automatically download the new form the next time they log into their mobile applications.

Better yet, this saves your company money on printing and shipping thousands of new hard copy utility agreements every single time there is a change to the terms of service or tariff structure caused by a change in policy.

There are many benefits to using a mobile application platform for utility sales, more than any single post could easily cover. To learn more about these benefits, contact PSI Mobile today. For more ways to prevent field sales mis-selling, check out our free guide at the link below:

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