Why Utility and Telco Companies are Haemorrhaging Sales Rejections

Posted by Karl Davis on 10-Sep-2015 15:50:00

How do you reward your sales stars?

Do you focus exclusively on the numbers, doling out glory (and commissions) based purely on how many sales they can pack into a day?

Do you take the view that, so long as they find a way to hit their targets, you won’t ask any questions?

If you’re answering yes to either of these questions, what happens when things go wrong?

Perhaps you bear the brunt of the blame when sales rejections crop up down the line because of a customer’s poor credit history.

Perhaps you know that some customers are demanding refunds or cutting their contracts short because they feel misled or cajoled by a sales rep whose attitude was a touch too cavalier.

Perhaps one or two employees have gone too far, and bad press or negative customer reviews is catching up with the rest of the team, making it harder and harder to sell.

Perhaps you’re even losing sleep over what would happen if you were ever accused of mis-selling.

The problem with fostering short term personal gain is that you can end up sabotaging long term growth.

When sales teams know that they’ll only be judged on how many numbers they hit at the end of the day, the temptation is to rush through as many sales as they can, even if it means cutting corners on the way.

There’s little incentive to make sure you’re filling in all the paperwork correctly, or screening out customers that will only be rejected further down the line. There’s little motivation to approach your post-sales process thoughtfully, making sure the loose ends are tied up and that you’re drawing valuable lessons about what works and what doesn’t.

And there’s certainly no drive to share best practice advice with your colleagues, raising the quality of your team as a whole.

But as a manager, you need to be looking at the bigger picture. You need to be thinking about developing and honing a strategy that gets the best out of your team. You need to make sure you’re not undermining your hard work with sales rejections or cancellations.

At the same time, you don’t want to stifle the exuberance of your best staff, or kill their motivation. You want them fired up for success, not bogged down in bureaucracy. Right?

There is, in fact, a simple, effective way to solve this conundrum.


Switch to a Mobile Field Sales Solution.

By rolling out modern digital data capture technologies for use in the field, you ensure that your team is always following the correct process expected of them. That’s because they’re guided through a step-by-step process for each sale that prompts them to tick all the right compliance boxes and ask all the most pertinent questions.

What’s more, field sales staff can actually use Field Force Automation to run credit checks, as well as checking important details like meter numbers, supply address, line speeds, order histories, and any number of other details, right there on the spotreducing sales rejections by up to 95% in the process.

And rather than making the process more cumbersome, it actually becomes more streamlined and productive for sales reps, eliminating the burden of paper trails or the need to double-enter data into multiple systems, or return to the customers to complete paperwork.

In fact, research suggests that mobile technology makes Utility & Telco sales teams dramatically more effective and productive.

Plus, sales confirmations are delivered right away to clients, giving reps the satisfaction of knowing the sale really has gone through - and that they’ve earned the rewards.

Meanwhile, you can use the system to monitor progress and targets, while keeping an eye on your team’s behaviour and performance.

No pulling the wool over your eyes. No worrying that a rogue sales rep could be a ticking time bomb for your career. No blows to your budget when you’ve overpaid commission on sales that are later turned down.

Just a high-flying, mega-productive team that you can trust to do the job – and are equipped with the tools to perform better than ever before.


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