Maximising sales for Fibrus across 150,000 premises

“With PSI, we’re maximising our 150,000-door asset. We can get clear visibility of which doors we’ve knocked on, which aren’t ready, and which premises have converted.”

– Gerrie Voogdt, Business Process Analyst


Fibrus is a new telecom provider that is making strides to transform the digital infrastructure of rural and regional areas of the UK. Since 2020, the company has rapidly scaled across Northern Ireland to deliver on government contracts, and they have recently leapt over the sea to launch in Cumbria.

To maximise the value of their allotted premises across the country and keep up the pace, Fibrus needed to have clear visibility of their potential customers and their sales teams activity. For this, they needed a vastly different toolkit to what they had at the start of their journey.


  • A solution that could evolve to incorporate field, tele and web sales
  • Tools to maximise the chance of customer conversion
  • Clear reporting to avoid mis-selling or wasted time
  • Watertight compliance with GDPR and the Consumer Rights Act

2020 was the year everything happened for Fibrus. In February, the company had less than 40 employees but by November, they had won the bid for the delivery of Project Stratum, which came with £165million investment to help provide gigabit-capable broadband to over 85,000 homes in Northern Ireland.

“Now we have close to 300 people” says Gerrie Voogdt, Business Process Analyst at Fibrus. “It’s fast scaling and there’s no sign of stopping.”

Before this acceleration kicked into gear, Fibrus were using mobile field solution software that had a typical suite of tools – a form builder, reports, notifications, and so on – but it lacked the level of intelligence that Fibrus needed to capitalise on the opportunity awarded to them.

“It was easy enough to sell something,” says Gerrie, “but if I have five people on the road, how do I manage where I’m sending them? How do I ensure they’re not stepping on each other’s patches? How do I understand whether they’re being productive?”

The Solution

In 2020, as Fibrus began working in earnest to scale their organisation and roll out full-fibre across rural and remote regions, they turned to PSI.

They chose us for a few key reasons:

Efficiently targeting 150,000 doors

In their old system, their sales teams would knock on all doors and find people who don’t want to buy or can’t buy. Equally they could miss potential customers who were in a position to purchase. On the other hand, PSI could focus their efforts and help them make the most of missed opportunities.

“We have 150,000 doors we can target in NI, but there are 1.2 million houses,” says Gerrie. “So we need to be very specific in terms of which houses we can target and which we can’t.”

A secure way to scale

To scale in a secure way, Fibrus also realised they needed a way of ensuring compliance at every level.

“When I started at Fibrus in February 2020, I combed through the 1983 Consumer Rights Act from start to finish,” said Gerrie. “And that helped me realise that we needed PSI from a compliance point of view.”

An adaptable solution

As a scaling company adapting to their target market, Fibrus didn’t know all of their needs up front. They needed their sales software to evolve with them, and that’s exactly what PSI could do.

Fibrus began with route forms for door-to-door sales and only later realised they also needed forms that could work for telesales. As the months went by, they needed to introduce web sales too. In a short space of time Fibrus went from field sales to a full multichannel sales solution.

“The multichannel sales features on PSI gives us access to different entry points in the market, which is what we need,” says Gerrie. “So for us it’s a pretty shoe-in solution.”


Less than two years after Fibrus won the Stratum contract, they are on track to deliver this to premises in rural and remote Northern Ireland as well as continuing their commercial rollout to more and more premises. They have also launched in Cumbria and show no signs of slowing down.

“If we’re a rocket,” says Gerrie, “we’ve left the atmosphere and are still motoring on to Mars. And with PSI, we’re maximising our 150,000-door asset. We can get clear visibility of which doors we’ve knocked on, which aren’t ready, and which premises have converted.”

Multichannel sales efficiency

Even though Fibrus originally thought they could stick to field sales, our multichannel sales features gave them access to different entry points in the market, which turned out to be exactly what they needed. The increased scope didn’t come at the price of efficiency though.

“Every channel sits in one system and we can see all our sales in one place,” says Gerrie. “So if a customer buys on the web, the next week when a rep’s out on a route, they’re not going to knock on their door. Everything is so much more efficient.”

Seamless compliance

Our automated compliance has been useful for onboarding new sales teams, and Fibrus has also been able to put third party agencies on the software, so that they can keep their own teams working with other leads.

“We can choose to give third parties access to a portion of our address data, without giving them access to the full system,” says Gerrie. “It’s been pretty seamless – it prevents a lot of handling data back and forth, breaching GDPR and all sorts of nasty stuff. Now everything’s contained in this one system that’s secure and gives people the access they need.’’

Evolutions and future upgrades

“Andy, PSI’s COO, was fantastic,” says Gerrie. “He knows our system better than anyone – and what we can and can’t do. Every system has its limitations but what I like about PSI is they’re continually adapting their product to suit their customers’ needs – and in an ever evolving world, they help us stay on top of it all.”

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