Don’t be the Last Utility Provider to Take Advantage of a Proven and Lucrative Go-to-Market Strategy

Success in the utility industry is all about market share. However, since every household, business, and office space is already a consumer, the only way to acquire new customers is to convince prospects to switch providers. Which is typically easier said than done, that is until now.

Once a thriving go-to-market strategy, field sales was virtually abandoned due to rogue reps using misleading sales techniques, which resulted in an industry with less than a credible reputation. Today, door-to-door sales is making a strong comeback – primarily due to technology that is helping energy providers to better control the sales process and manage field reps.


Field Sales is Alive and Profitable

When done right, field sales is a powerful go-to-market strategy. As one of the few sales types that puts the sales rep face-to-face with the prospect, it allows the rep to immediately respond to any concerns the prospect may have about changing providers. For example, we’ll assume that the rep is meeting with a consumer that has never switched providers. Perhaps this prospect had encountered difficulties in accessing online offers, or they just hadn’t had the time or inclination to search for an energy provider that could provide a better deal. Face-to-face selling brings the best offers directly to the consumer, without them needing to initiate the switching process. And in the UK, where the rep needs to demonstrate the amount of money that can be saved by switching providers, they’re able to immediately provide a price comparison at the prospect’s door.

A recent Forbes article highlighted that changing energy providers is easy and can save utility users, on average, a few hundred pounds a year, however, nearly 11 million people in the UK have never switched. Echoing these observations, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), Britain’s independent energy regulator, concluded that while the price cap saves consumers up to £100 a year, they can save even more – up to £150 a year by simply switching utility providers.

The financial benefits speak for themselves, however in a market that’s ripe for switching providers, one has to wonder why more energy providers aren’t taking advantage of this golden opportunity. History clearly shows that field sales, when done right, encourages people to change providers in a way that other sales and marketing tactics simply can’t. A formula for successful field sales can be found in Ireland. In the Emerald Isle, energy and telco companies have mastered door-to-door sales, and it’s no coincidence that this country has one of the highest switching rates in the world.

While some UK utility companies are testing the waters of field sales, it’s the innovative providers that are at the core of the door-to-door sales comeback. By revamping their sales techniques, implementing technology, and operating within government guidelines, they’re capturing the lion’s share of this vast, yet static market.


Put Your Field Sales on the Road to Success

Regardless of whether you’re one of the Big Six utility companies or a smaller provider, running a successful field sales operation takes forethought and the right technology. One thing is clear, however, to remain profitable now’s the time to implement a field sales strategy, and it starts with clearly defined processes and a well-executed plan.

More than a sales tool, our Fusion software platform enables you to manage and track the sales processes of your field reps. From business intelligence to lead management and fulfilment, our comprehensive platform gives you everything you need to improve sales, elevate performance, improve compliance, and gain market share.

With our comprehensive platform, you’re able to quickly and effectively connect people, processes, and data for a competitive advantage. With PSI as your partner, your field sales efforts will consistently be:

  • Compliant
  • Safe
  • Controlled and well-documented
  • Highly efficient

Are you ready to gain more market share? Contact us to see PSI’s Fusion platform in action.