At PSI, we make work flow. We clear the path to get things done. Our tech can layer over any process, safeguard compliance and empower local authorities or market managers to streamline efficiencies and create better customer experiences, and more prosperous local communities and markets.

It’s not just digital transformation, it’s common sense.

Connect Your Team With Your Market Traders
  • Trader and commodities location management maps
  • Trader registration and management
  • Pitch/Stand allocation and booking
  • Licence management and processing
  • Market officer registration and task management
  • Trader e-wallet with payment and transaction history
  • Market inspection and compliance checks

Benefits for Markets
  • Streamlined administration processes
  • Pitch applications, allocations, on the day attendance & compliance checks made easy
  • Better communication
  • Fully customisable
  • Possible integration with legacy applications such as finance systems
  • Highly secure
  • Vastly superior market trader experience


Make Efficiency Effortless

We all share the responsibility for cleaner, greener, safer, and more prosperous, local communities. If you build your reputation on public services, from the highways to the high streets and the high courts - and all the processes and paperwork in between - you cannot afford workflow bottlenecks.



Public Service Sector Solutions from PSI




Benefits of our affordable, scalable solution

  • Improve citizen experiences
  • Transform paper based processes to digital
  • Eradicate paper mountains
  • Streamline work coordination and sequencing
  • Improve organisational knowledge retention
  • Greater levels of regulatory reporting and accountability
  • Enable faster decision making and repsonse times