How To Make A Difference On A Budget:
Increasing Efficiency And Notability As An NGO

How To Make A Difference On A Budget ebook Make a Difference While Keeping to Your Budget!

As NGOs continue to compete for the resources needed to keep operating, it is important to be able to tighten the proverbial belt so that your organisation can do more good with fewer resources. For many NGOs, the ability to stretch funds can mean the difference between being able to continue fulfilling operational goals and having to close down for good.

To help NGOs with this, we’ve put together a free guide packed full of advice on how to stretch operational funds and get more done for less capital.

In this Guide, You’ll discover:

  • Ideas for securing needed supplies for less.
  • Tips for investing surplus capital for later.
  • Loss prevention tips.
  • Advice for increasing awareness about your organisation and more.

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