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With such excellent data capturing features, PSI Mobile’s Fusion Platform is in widespread use within Market Research companies including Millward Brown which has 350 users.

Fusion is used on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets to capture data in many market research questionnaires such as:

  • Opinion polls
  • Advertising research
  • Brand performance monitoring

Changes or updates can be quickly made to questionnaires and distributed to all market researches within minutes. Surveys can be viewed, edited and reused by any authorised user with internet access. Changes can be made and synchronised across all devices within moments. This means that survey teams in different areas can use the same survey, maintaining consistency.


  • Up to 97% reduction in data analysis time
  • Reduced errors by 99.99%
  • 80% reduction in administration costs
  • Reduced printing costs by 95%
  • Easy to use
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Elimination of paper
  • Faster decision making due to immediate visibility of data captured
  • Improved efficiency of back-office administration


Fusion’s Data Capture’s template builder enables Market Research companies to create data quickly and easily. No specialist knowledge such as programming or coding is required.

The Template Builder enables you to copy and edit existing forms for alternative use and supports all types of questions, conditions and weighting.


  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Open ended
  • Database
  • Date/Time

Conditions and logic:

  • Mandatory
  • Go-to
  • Filters
  • State variables


Questions can be assigned a weighting and scores assigned to answer options. This enables results to be calculated based on weighting times score immediately upon completion of the survey.

Different responses will lead to alternative questions and Fusion Data Capture enables intelligent routing of the survey dependent on these responses. Answer options can, if selected, automatically pass or fail an entire assessment.

The Fusion Platform facilitates templates being reviewed by an administrator to approve, reject or other. Approved templates are filed in the Fusion Platform and are available for archiving, emailing or export to external systems. Rejected templates can be returned to the originator for editing or updating.

Attachments such as photos, videos, technical drawings, signatures, voice or written notes and GPS co-ordinates can also be captured.


Real time automated reports can be easily created as Fusion comes with a set of pre-defined reports. Further training ensures that your staff can create customised report templates for ongoing use. Fusion is integrated with Jaspersoft, one of the leading business intelligence tools in the market. Daily totals can be quickly viewed as well as other reports such as:

  • Amount by time
  • Revenue
  • Amount by location