The complete package for a market leading sales team

Every sales channel, journey, and lead insight – all under one roof.

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99.9% platform uptime

Watertight data protection

Compliance on autopilot

Scalable by design

Your sales teams, maximised

Break down the silos between sales and onboarding channels, with the only field sales platform that can deliver and integrate all sales channels together.


Custom Journeys

Bespoke customer journeys to suit your business requirements.


Custom Reporting

Maximise business intelligence by creating reporting that is bespoke to your business.


Custom Integrations

Unify your processes with the PSI Outcomes API.


Digital Signatures

Give the customer more control by facilitating signatures on their own device.


Multichannel Sales

Unify field, tele, web, 3rd-party, social, retail and events sales.


Enterprise-level Security

Customise your security setup, based on bespoke requirements.

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Total clarity across every sales channel


Get a holistic solution that covers all your sales bases.

  • Take charge of your sales across all channels, and meet your customers wherever they want to be served.
  • Keep all your channels together in one place and effortlessly move between them as a sale progresses.
  • Convert more leads into sales by accurately capturing them from every source and taking action at the right time.

Keep every part of your sales process wrapped up in one intuitive system.

  • Streamline processes at every stage, with one system to manage all your rep performance, products and sales journeys.
  • No more crossed wires. Easily keep track of all your orders, validations and verifications in one place.
  • Deploy custom structures, processes and automation to be sure every sale is fully robust.

Gather powerful data insights and build a brand your customers believe in.

  • Create accurate reports on all sales channels with centralised data and business intelligence.
  • Keep your brand in the spotlight with consistent branding and customer experience across every channel.
  • Establish trust with every sale. The PSI system has automated compliance built in across all channels.

An evolving solution with no expiration date

The right sales technology partner will future-proof your company. From staying on top of industry regulations to adapting your customer journeys to fit changing internal drivers, we’ll keep you delivering.

Seamless sales for customers and reps

A smooth sales journey keeps everyone happy. PSI’s built-in validations, automated provisioning and offline functionality mean you can be sure of completing sales now, not next week.

That leaves your customers free to get on with their day, and your reps confident of getting their commission.

Multichannel sales - field, web, tele, and more

To see the best results across all your sales processes, you need a system that can do it all.

Our multichannel sales solution also includes PSI’s territory management and end-to-end sales journey solutions, so you can optimise your field sales and leave no deal behind.

Powering field sales success

Why Multichannel Sales is the right solution for your sales teams

  • Boost productivity at every stage of your sales process
  • Gather accurate insights to penetrate your market
  • Always sell, even when you’re offline
  • Close sales in minutes, not days
  • A fast, frictionless experience for employees and customers
  • Secure your brand reputation with automated compliance
  • Track results and find clarity in your data
  • All your sales data, together in one place

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Designed and delivered by industry experts

Behind every PSI solution is domain expertise formed over years of working with leaders in the energy, telco and charity sectors. PSI’s Multichannel Sales software slots effortlessly into your current sales process, and is ready to scale with you when you need it.

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