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Fusion Solution Overview
Fusion is a mobile application platform which enables organisations to create and deploy mission critical mobile applications supporting field based activities. Fusion provides a number of core modules which deliver powerful functionality for International Humanitarian, Development and Non-Government organisations who have a requirement to conduct field based operations

  • Fusion enables the creation of powerful data gathering applications which are used for conducting M&E surveys, audits and inspection checklists.
  • Fusion enables the rapid creation of applications supporting customized workflows for operational activities such as Beneficiary Registration, Aid Distribution, Work-force Management and more.
  • Fusion enables exporting of data and integration with back-office systems and third party applications such as GIS, CRM, ERP etc.
  • Fusion’s reporting module provides customisable reports and dashboards enabling key performance and operations data to be provided to project managers and key funding partners.
  • Fusion enables field based workers to operate in remote areas with limited or no data connectivity. Advanced synchronization capabilities mean that data is transferred without any user interaction.
  • The Fusion Management System is an enterprise level application which enables multi-national NGOs to securely manage system access, group and user privileges, data management across multiple regions and programs.
  • The PSI Mobile Implementation Team provides “in-the-field” project implementation support and user training.
  • PSI provides Mobile Device Management for field devices enabling our Support Desk to provide remote support to users and also remote wipe of device data in the event that field devices are lost.