The bottom line on door to door

60% of the UK market is currently on a standard variable tariff and the new price cap increase has affected over 11 million people. A lot of these people don’t necessarily understand all of their options, and struggle to find the time to do the online research. It’s time to hit the streets, door to door sales teams can offer great value advice and money savings to a lot of customers.

3 Ways Energy and Telco Providers can Safely Reap the Rewards of Door-to-Door Sales

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Why PSI Fusion opens doors to field sales

With PSI Fusion, every department is connected to every point of sale. Every compliance rule and regulation is catered for and configured onto the platform. Smart logic forms and API integrations ensure each department gets the realtime data it needs and the appropriate automated response, workflow or process can be triggered. It’s like having a manager from every department – Operations, Finance, Data/Insights, Product, Customer Experience, Compliance, Commercial, C-Suite, Digital Transformation, Procurement, Technical/IT, Marketing, Planning – all standing shoulder to shoulder with every salesperson, at every doorstep.

Increased Revenue

PSI Fusion is built to eradicate broken sales and wasted time with real time information always at hand. Reps are rewarded for doing the right thing and the platform promotes efficiency. The display features efficient walking and driving route algorithms, real time targets and commission rates. Every door counts and at PSI, we help keep reps in the field with our always-on support.

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Control & compliance

In-built quality checks ensure the right products are sold for the right meter types and that the customer has read and agreed to the T&Cs. Validations can be completed in the field, e.g. email address and bank details. Realtime analytics give managers visibility of their entire field based teams. Without this kind of technology, you simply have no idea what’s going on in the field.

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Improved CX

The entire customer engagement is contactless thanks to PSI Touchstone. A summary of the order, the T’s and C’s, and the contract itself is sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone through a text message, which provides a summary of the sale for the customer to review and sign, capturing their consent – turning the entire ordering process into a contactless sale. Essential in today’s world.

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International brands using PSI Fusion for field sales

How SSE Airtricity increased its revenues with field sales powered by PSI

When SSE Airtricity approached PSI 12 years ago, their door to door selling processes were badly in need of transformation. They were leaving themselves open to big fines and their brand reputation was suffering. After they partnered with PSI for their technological solution – from a regulators perspective, they went from the worst energy company to best-in-class for the last 6 years running.

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Picking the right tech partner is the master key that opens all the doors

At PSI we get things done quickly, efficiently and without fuss. Our technology can be quickly updated to meet regulation changes or to react to changing business needs or market demands. While no technology is literally faultless – even the most robust and proven tech has an occasional glitch – we have direct line support for reps, so that they have the help they need in the field if something goes wrong.

Transforming your field sales with PSI

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PSI has been serving telco and utility companies for more than 15 years, and we’ve worked with global, market-leading brands in over 40 different countries. In other words, we know our way around these industries, and we’re not going anywhere. Plus, as a lean and agile company, we can respond to key challenges (like regulatory updates) much faster than our larger competitors.