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Job Scheduling

Fusion Job Scheduling enables organisations streamline processes by creating, scheduling and assigning jobs or tasks to field based staff. Work types such as installation, maintenance, repair, inspection or service can be customised to meet organisation needs and workflow requirements. Fusion Job Scheduling is integrated with your ERP, CRM or Microsoft Dynamics system if required to import customer details. Your employees and contractors have access to each customers’ service history and management have a real time view of staff location.

A configurable work order dashboard makes it easy for staff to view and edit jobs and the calendar based scheduler enables filtering by day, week or employee. Fusion Job Scheduling provides a map based view of workers, customers and jobs. The customer’s signature is captured on the handheld device as proof of work or delivery.

Fusion Job Scheduling enables managers to maximise workforce efficiencies and manage service delivery ensuring that the right skills are available with the right people at the right time. Activities can be entered into a work-planner and assigned to a specific employee or team.

Both standard and customised reports can be produced by the Fusion Platform, supporting analysis of jobs to further improve company operations.


  • Streamlined process
  • Improved employee performance due to optimised time management
  • Reduced customer queries
  • Removal of duplication between teams
  • Improved service dispatch
  • Reduced paper trail


  • Field employee management
  • Scheduling and billing integration
  • Location tracking
  • Route management
  • Contract approval and signature capture
  • Sales processing

The Job Scheduling module can also be used to enable the collection of parts (materials) used and time allocation which can then be used for work order billing. Fusion Job Scheduling can be stand-alone or integrated with financial or ERP systems to incorporate customer and stock control data.