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Fusion Reports function provides pre-defined and customisable reports and dashboards enabling easy viewing of real time operational data. Fusion Reports is formed via integration with Jaspersoft – one of the most widely deployed business intelligence tools in the market.

Some of the pre-defined Fusion Reports are:

  • Total performance
  • Individual performance
  • Total revenue
  • Revenue by time or location
  • Sales forecast

PSI Mobile sets up initial reports during the implementation phase and provides training to enable organisations’ admin staff to create additional ad hoc reports.

High performance reporting features include:

  • Multiple data sources such as JDBC, XML, POJO, EJB, MDX, CSV and custom
  • Output in HTML, PDF, XLS, RTF, SWF, ODF, TXT
  • Flash powered reports for interactivity and animation
  • Drill down to sub-reports
  • Maps, tables, funnels, crosstabs, charts, barcodes
  • Conditional printing and formatting