Maximising sales for Fibrus across 150,000 premises

“With PSI, we’re maximising our 150,000-door asset. We can get clear visibility of which doors we’ve knocked on, which aren’t ready, and which premises have converted.”

– Gerrie Voogdt, Business Process Analyst


Fibrus is a new telecom provider that is making strides to transform the digital infrastructure of rural and regional areas of the UK. Since 2020, the company has rapidly scaled across Northern Ireland to deliver on government contracts, and they have recently leapt over the sea to launch in Cumbria.

To maximise the value of their allotted premises across the country and keep up the pace, Fibrus needed to have clear visibility of their potential customers and their sales teams activity. For this, they needed a vastly different toolkit to what they had at the start of their journey.


  • A solution that could evolve to incorporate field, tele and web sales
  • Tools to maximise the chance of customer conversion
  • Clear reporting to avoid mis-selling or wasted time
  • Watertight compliance with GDPR and the Consumer Rights Act

2020 was the year everything happened for Fibrus. In February, the company had less than 40 employees but by November, they had won the bid for the delivery of Project Stratum, which came with £165million investment to help provide gigabit-capable broadband to over 85,000 homes in Northern Ireland.

“Now we have close to 300 people” says Gerrie Voogdt, Business Process Analyst at Fibrus. “It’s fast scaling and there’s no sign of stopping.”

Before this acceleration kicked into gear, Fibrus were using mobile field solution software that had a typical suite of tools – a form builder, reports, notifications, and so on – but it lacked the level of intelligence that Fibrus needed to capitalise on the opportunity awarded to them.

“It was easy enough to sell something,” says Gerrie, “but if I have five people on the road, how do I manage where I’m sending them? How do I ensure they’re not stepping on each other’s patches? How do I understand whether they’re being productive?”

The Solution

In 2020, as Fibrus began working in earnest to scale their organisation and roll out full-fibre across rural and remote regions, they turned to PSI.

They chose us for a few key reasons:

Efficiently targeting 150,000 doors

In their old system, their sales teams would knock on all doors and find people who don’t want to buy or can’t buy. Equally they could miss potential customers who were in a position to purchase. On the other hand, PSI could focus their efforts and help them make the most of missed opportunities.

“We have 150,000 doors we can target in NI, but there are 1.2 million houses,” says Gerrie. “So we need to be very specific in terms of which houses we can target and which we can’t.”

A secure way to scale

To scale in a secure way, Fibrus also realised they needed a way of ensuring compliance at every level.

“When I started at Fibrus in February 2020, I combed through the 1983 Consumer Rights Act from start to finish,” said Gerrie. “And that helped me realise that we needed PSI from a compliance point of view.”

An adaptable solution

As a scaling company adapting to their target market, Fibrus didn’t know all of their needs up front. They needed their sales software to evolve with them, and that’s exactly what PSI could do.

Fibrus began with route forms for door-to-door sales and only later realised they also needed forms that could work for telesales. As the months went by, they needed to introduce web sales too. In a short space of time Fibrus went from field sales to a full multichannel sales solution.

“The multichannel sales features on PSI gives us access to different entry points in the market, which is what we need,” says Gerrie. “So for us it’s a pretty shoe-in solution.”


Less than two years after Fibrus won the Stratum contract, they are on track to deliver this to premises in rural and remote Northern Ireland as well as continuing their commercial rollout to more and more premises. They have also launched in Cumbria and show no signs of slowing down.

“If we’re a rocket,” says Gerrie, “we’ve left the atmosphere and are still motoring on to Mars. And with PSI, we’re maximising our 150,000-door asset. We can get clear visibility of which doors we’ve knocked on, which aren’t ready, and which premises have converted.”

Multichannel sales efficiency

Even though Fibrus originally thought they could stick to field sales, our multichannel sales features gave them access to different entry points in the market, which turned out to be exactly what they needed. The increased scope didn’t come at the price of efficiency though.

“Every channel sits in one system and we can see all our sales in one place,” says Gerrie. “So if a customer buys on the web, the next week when a rep’s out on a route, they’re not going to knock on their door. Everything is so much more efficient.”

Seamless compliance

Our automated compliance has been useful for onboarding new sales teams, and Fibrus has also been able to put third party agencies on the software, so that they can keep their own teams working with other leads.

“We can choose to give third parties access to a portion of our address data, without giving them access to the full system,” says Gerrie. “It’s been pretty seamless – it prevents a lot of handling data back and forth, breaching GDPR and all sorts of nasty stuff. Now everything’s contained in this one system that’s secure and gives people the access they need.’’

Evolutions and future upgrades

“Andy, PSI’s COO, was fantastic,” says Gerrie. “He knows our system better than anyone – and what we can and can’t do. Every system has its limitations but what I like about PSI is they’re continually adapting their product to suit their customers’ needs – and in an ever evolving world, they help us stay on top of it all.”

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How PSI gave Vodafone Ireland a Competitive Edge

“PSI software is used every day, and without it we wouldn’t have people on the street today, we wouldn’t be able to set routes and campaigns and enables us to have efficient lead management”

- Michelle Brazzill, Channel Partner Account Manager


Vodafone is Ireland’s leading communications operator. They offer fibre broadband along with leading mobile and TV packages across multiple sales channels: online, field, telesales, and store.

The company was tempted by the merits of PSI as a sophisticated field sales solution.

What Vodafone Ireland needed:

The Vodafone team decided to build a field sales team, and a way of managing leads to achieve their tactical goals but required support of sophisticated sales software.

  • Further customer reach
  • Effective lead management
  • A way to get Vodafone Ireland’s FOTS team operational
  • Accurate business intelligence

The new PSI experience:

  • A system that could be rolled out to Vodafone partners
  • A rep experience that’s led to better morale and productivity
  • Performance analysis and commercial insight
  • An effortless back-office experience
  • An easy partnership with the PSI team

Power for Vodafone’s partners

Vodafone’s partners are a key part of Vodafone’s strategy in Ireland. Vodafone Ireland FOTS (feet on the street) operation was set up with their franchisee partners to sell fixed, door to door. The PSI system was integrated with some of their partners in order to launch FOTS.

Aoife Carr, Order Processing Manager at Kelco, recounts that her team used to manually keep track of paper contracts in previous sales processing roles. “Now we’ve got a competitive advantage because we’re no longer sifting through sales manually,” she says.

“We’re also able to roll out a new product and send updates to customers almost instantly. We can start selling a new add on’s or plans straight away and get ahead in an area.”

Breda Quinn, Office Manager at the Phone Stores also noted the impact of PSI’s reliability on sales performance.

“Nothing goes missing,” Breda says, “we don’t need to chase a rep for information. To start with, we only used PSI with our field sales team, but twelve months later we introduced PSI in the stores for fixed sales, and later we began selling to business too”.

The sales rep experience

For Kelco, Aoife says that PSI was able to check all the boxes – especially with their reps. The sales teams found it to be user friendly, well laid out, and compliant. To boot, the system never seemed to go down, and they got a quick response whenever they reached out to PSI.

“Reps don’t have any negative feedback,” says Aoife. “They can see an area that’s gone live and trust the information. And they don’t have to think about a sale again once it’s complete. It’s straightforward, no hassle, and this has led to better morale. Everyone’s more productive too.”

Performance analysis and commercial insight

For a successful feet on the street team, it was vital to have visibility of reps performance.

“The reporting aspect of PSI means we can report on anything we want,” says Michelle. “Now, we can dig down into how many doors are knocked vs opened vs opportunity”.

With PSI, every important action and interaction has a reporting code, meaning everything is extractable and can be reported against in a structured way.

A back office dream

“We have full visibility of our back office,” says Michelle. “We can see how many sales are in queues waiting to be processed, and on hold sales with valid reasons.

For Breda, who oversees the back office at The Phone Stores, PSI has become the most effortless part of what she does.

“When new people come on board, it’s the easiest thing for me to train them to use PSI,” she says. “And it’s so easy to find the information you need – people might call us about their order, and all I need is their area code to find their order in seconds. I’d recommend PSI for processing customers at any company, without a shadow of a doubt.”

It feels like Vodafone are PSI’s only client because they’re always there, they always understand the requirements”

- Michelle Brazzill

What it’s like working with the PSI team

Although PSI is a sales solution, there’s also a team behind that solution ensuring Vodafone Ireland has everything it needs.

“With PSI, nothing is ever an issue to get done,” says Michelle. “With PSI we’ve launched new pricing, mobile elements, new TV products, and everything has been timely and efficient. If you’re clear on what you need, PSI will deliver.”

From best-in-class field sales to store sales

The performance and reputation of our PSI set up for FOTS was so positive that our stores now use PSI too due to the simplicity of the journey and system with PSI.

“I’d recommend PSI to a company of any size – it’s up to you how you want to grow – and PSI has scaled with us.”

– Michelle Brazzill

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Enabling Ogi to scale and penetrate their market

“PSI enables us to complete a quick sale in 10-15 mins from start to finish. This probably would have taken a couple of days in the previous out-of-the-box solution.”


In 2020 Ogi – a ISP and managed IT services company – secured investment to deliver an ambitious rollout of full fibre broadband across South Wales.

A year later, they were preparing to scale rapidly to transform Wales’ digital landscape – and to keep up the momentum, their newly hired sales teams would need new tools and processes to support them. They also needed a system that would integrate their field, tele and web sales into a streamlined and consistent customer sales journey.

The Requirements

  • Needed a robust solution that would integrate field, tele and web sales
  • Needed to roll it out at breakneck speed
  • Customer journey needed to be tailored to the local area
  • Processes had to be as tight and automated as possible so bottlenecks didn’t occur

Ogi’s mission is to take fibre to the door of houses for the first time, in areas of Wales that are typically fibre to the cabinet, with telephone lines connecting homes to a local fibre box.

Alexander Breverton, Telesales Manager at Ogi, says: “The more people we can reach, the more we can get connected, and the more we can educate on the difference between fibre to the cabinet and fibre to the door and the impact that can make, not just from a cost perspective but also to future-proof the technology and make it greener.

“The company’s goals are to connect as many customers as possible to the new infrastructure, and to support local communities that have been passed over by other providers.”

It was important to move fast on this greenfield opportunity but that was not the only part of the task that was new.

A new product and sales team

“Historically we were resellers,” says Sally-Anne Skinner, Chief Revenue Officer at Ogi. “Whereas now we are selling our own product, from our own infrastructure, on our own network.”

Ogi were hiring at a fast pace and working with a number of third parties – it would be very easy for opportunities to fall through the cracks. It was essential that they had a sales solution that could capture data and automate workflows seamlessly.

They would need a solution that worked across field sales, tele sales and web sales. These are three distinct sales processes with their own customer journey but they would all need to feed into a single, automated backend system.

Crucially, Ogi wanted to put all the right information in their rep’s hands at the right time. They would need to be able to book installations at point of sale, so they could wrap up the sale there and then, and automate everything else all the way to its final destination.

The Solution

In the first quarter of 2021, Ogi needed to make a decision about their new system so that their teams could put the pedal to the floor from August.

They chose us for a few key reasons.

Domain expertise

Ogi had existing technical resource in-house but the selling processes within the business were less defined. PSI brought both the technical expertise that a robust solution would require, as well as years of sales-process focus that would enable Ogi to hit the ground running.

Speed and sophistication

An out-of-the-box solution wouldn’t provide the flexibility that Ogi’s teams would need. Nor would it integrate field, tele and web sales in the way they had envisioned. Some of the key leaders at Ogi had worked with very sophisticated solutions before, but these had been built gradually over time, often from the ground up, learning by trial and error. Ogi couldn’t afford to wait the years this approach would require.

Our solution only needed to be configured – not built – so it would be much faster to set up. And it would have a sophistication equal to the kind of solution Ogi could have painstakingly put together in house. Except ours was already tried, tested and matured.

Fully equipped in the field

The solution Ogi chose used our Fusion platform, along with Core and Touchstone. This would enable managers to create automated, optimised routes and campaigns for field reps. Their field reps would have rich data to work with out in the field, and they’d be able to perform contactless sales with very little manual provisioning. Managers would also be able to assess, review and re-strategise with the aid of using our real time reporting.

The technical details

Using our full suite of products – Fusion Core, Pulse, and Touchstone – Ogi were able to create a seamless end-to-end sales journey that encompassed all three sales channels that they operate in.

It would have to be API orientated and, while it would need a number of complex integrations on the back end, it would need to be seriously simple and effortless for their new sales teams to work with – providing them with a set of customer journeys that could work anywhere at anytime, all feeding into the same processes, and all going into a single, automated backend system.

In the configuration process, engagement would be as important as the delivery. We worked very closely with Ogi to ensure that the system was integrated in all the ways it needed to be – pulling in their existing data, such as their addresses and product data, and pushing out to their sales systems, payment processor and payment gateway, along with other 3rd party validations and appointment scheduling.

The integrations would facilitate sales to complete like a line of dominoes falling with a single flick. They would allow the creation of points on a map so Ogi could create automated routes and campaigns for their reps. It would also enable the instant booking of an installation time and date upon sale.

Finally they would create sales orders and workflows, help to perform modulus checks on bank account numbers, and push relevant information out to Ogi’s third party payment partners.


“The sales processes we had in the business before PSI were not fit for purpose,” says Sally-Anne.  “We would not have been able to go out to market and deliver the scale that we have and the penetration that we have without significant amounts of customer dissatisfaction and pain and resources.”

Alexander agrees. “If we were still using that solution, we wouldn’t have had the success we have had, it’s safe to say.”

Cutting days down to minutes

“PSI enables us to complete a quick sale in 10-15 mins from start to finish,” says Alexander. “This probably would have taken a couple of days in our previous out-of-the-box solution.”

Sophisticated out of the gate

Sally-Anne says, ‘What PSI have delivered is an efficient customer process where you can complete an order on the spot: an installation date is given to the customer, terms and conditions, an order summary and boom, job done.’

“It’s very unusual to go out to market, as a start-up business, with a sophisticated automated sales process. This is what we have with PSI.”

SSE Airtricity

Transforming field sales at SSE Airtricity

“PSI is the real deal. For us, they have been instrumental in improving our sales system and processes. Whenever someone comes to us with a problem we know we our team has the tools needed to deliver a solution and do it on time. When we started our journey with PSI we had a lot of things that we wanted to improve. They have been instrumental in our improvements and helping us to become a real leader in our industry.”


SSE Airtricity is a leading green energy company which supplies 100% green electricity, natural gas and essential services to customers across the island of Ireland. The company employees around 1000 people and is proud to be a Living Wage employer and certified as a Business Working Responsibly. The company has a longstanding commitment to doing the right thing, and this is also clear in how they have transformed their door-to-door sales function.

We spoke with Ernest Asensio, Retail Efficiency & Systems Manager and Eoghan Ward, Sales System Manager to learn more and discover how PSI helped empower this transformation.

The Problem

  • Manual processes and disconnected systems created a myriad of inefficiencies & problems
  • Frequent internal & external audits meant the paper-based approach used by sales reps were unsustainable

Before SSE started working with PSI 12 years ago, there was massive expansion in the company and a technology solution was needed for the door to door selling. At the time, reps were writing sales into books and this paper based approach led to all sorts of complications and problems. Poor handwriting, incomplete forms, broken sales… the problems were mounting up. With frequent internal and external audits in this highly regulated market, their field sales processes were unsustainable and it was a huge problem for the company to sort out.

“When we initially went on the doors, the business was potentially exposed by no traceability on how the field agents were selling, we needed to put a rigid structure and processes in place to mitigate this risk,” Ernest says.

The challenges faced were not confined to door to door selling, other parts of the business connected with Sales were impacted by manual processes and system issues which needed improvement – from an efficiency perspective all the way to mitigating the risk of errors.

This included the contact centre where engagements were not scripted, and the manual approach led to errors, and broken sales. A long term digitally transformative solution was needed.


Working closely with SSE Airtricity, PSI made an immediate impact on the company’s sales. Using PSI Fusion, sales now had end to end traceability and if a complaint was made regarding a sale, PSI Fusion enabled SSE to investigate any issues and clearly see what happened and how it could be rectified in real time and provide future learning opportunities which would become part of their sales training.

“PSI made a huge difference immediately, from simple things like not having to decipher bad handwriting to less broken sales, with limited risk of mis-selling. Once the PSI system was in place, it created very robust processes that were very easily auditable – who did what, when, where, what the customer agreed to, why they signed up.” Ernest says.

“This is a huge benefit for internal oversight, especially as we are a regulated business. We have internal and external audits that happen frequently, due to the PSI system, everything they need to see is there and easily accessible. We can have all our audit information ready to go in a couple of hours, helping to make us one of the most efficient parts of the business and allowing us to really concentrate on the quality of the data we’re providing.” Eoghan added.

“Communication is key for us, making sure the solution is able to get the right information to the right people at the right time. It’s important for the customer so they know what they are signing up for, the terms and conditions, and so on. It’s also important as a backup for the business so we can prove that we have delivered the right information to the customer in case of any challenges or queries that arise.”

Internal relationships boosted

The success of the partnership with PSI, led to other parts of the business looking for similar solutions. “When other departments start their sales force automation journeys they see our team as the experts – which enables us to build strong internal relationships and embed our team in the strategic direction of the business,” Ernest says.

During the pandemic, SSE Airtricity, had to respond quickly to changing situations and approached PSI to collaborate on how they could enable the business to deliver more with their current resource level and in the right way for their customers. “Time is a major factor in this, we needed to respond to changing requirements both initially from dialling up web functionality for business units, but also recurring as these business units would have a lot of frequent product changes. While we could deliver and develop it in-house, it would require our digital team to build a new platform and adapt our API. The main reason is the product set as it changes frequently, and PSI Touchstone enables us to respond quicker and easier to save resources across multiple departments.”


  • Backend automation improved sales efficiencies, and have been incorporated across other arms of the business.
  • Quality of sales processes, data captured, and rep behaviour in the fields notably improved.
  • 2-3 week lead time for audits reduced to a couple of hours.

As the business saw the impact PSI has had on the domestic field, tele and web sales, they have now expanded across the other arms of the business such as Business Energy and SSE Airtricity Gas Northern Ireland. The tech solution includes back end automation and checks to improve the quality of our sales process, the data captured and how agents interact with customers.

“Compliance is always a top priority, it’s part of our DNA and very important from a reputation point of view. When it comes to sales we really believe there is never a wrong time to do the right thing, and for us the right thing is ensuring our customers are happy with the product and service they are signing up to as well as knowing about their terms and conditions and how to contact us if they need after-sales help,” Eoghan says.

“The PSI team is very easy to work with. Our ways of working are done using an agile, transparent and non-bureaucratic approach. Whilst this provides a fast connection between both teams it still provides robust & consistent checks and balances. If we have a question, we will have an answer in 20 minutes, because we can just pick up the phone and speak with Rachel.”

Field Management Ireland

Increasing efficiency and boosting sales throughput for Field Management Ireland

“Although our field sales team were doing brilliantly, our processes were holding us back – we needed a system that would help us become more efficient and provide a better service to our clients. We would definitely recommend PSI to other businesses working in field sales. It’s easy to use, and all of the ‘heavy lifting’ is performed at the backend so your field agents can get on with their jobs – selling more subscriptions.”


Founded in 1995, FMI is the leading provider of outsourced sales solutions to business across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They currently employ 60 full time employees at their head office, and maintain a network supplying 100 field sales professionals to Electric Ireland, driving door-to-door sales of their energy services.

The Problem

  • Post-sale paperwork delivered by post, adding significant delays to sales times
  • Slow processing of new sales by accounts team
  • Data on paper sign-up forms frequently captured or transcribed incorrectly

FMI’s field sales representatives are responsible for visiting houses across Ireland, encouraging householders to switch energy providers. At the start of the Electric Ireland contract, assigning jobs to the field reps was relatively easy – they were each issued a batch of contacts records each morning, and they would work their way through the list.

The problems began once the client had signed the paperwork agreeing to a change of electricity provider. Many of the reps would send the paperwork by post, adding at least a day to the process as head office waited for the completed forms to be returned. There were similar delays if the field agent faxed the paperwork through after 4pm because it simply would not be processed by the accounts team at head office until the following day.

These delays were further compounded when it cam to processing handwritten paperwork. The head office team, led by Kevin Teers, found that the data captured on the sign-up forms was frequently captured or transcribed incorrectly;

“Something as simple as indistinct handwriting caused us major problems when processing paperwork. We then had to expend even more time and energy trying to chase up the correct information – a needless waste of time and money.”

“So although our field sales team were doing brilliantly, our processes were holding us back – we needed a system that would help us become more efficient and provide a better service to our clients.”

The Solution

PSI’s Fusion Pulse mobile app allows the FMI head office to send contact lists direct to field sales operatives’ tablet/smartphone. The same app is then used to capture the customer’s data and uploaded directly to Fusion Core – the main accounts system at head office.

“We were instantly able to do away with the legacy paper-based system and all the associated problems. Which was great for me particularly – before PSI was deployed I had to process the physical paperwork”.


  • Instant upload of data means the transfer of utilities provider can be complete in 30 mins, compared to 24+ hours
  • Improved communication time between FMI head office and field agents
  • Significant reduction in data errors resulting from paper form filing

The move to instant data capture using PSI has greatly increased the efficiency of back office operations for the Electric Ireland account. Instant upload of data means that agents can begin the transfer of utilities provider in as little as thirty minutes, greatly improving the service they can offer to clients. In the event that there is a problem locally, head office can deploy updated work plans within a few minutes. There is never any wasted days for the field agents, who can adjust their schedule accordingly. The PSI system has also helped to reduce the instances of data errors. By having field agents collect data on site, and enter it directly into the backend systems, the margin for error has been reduced.

“We don’t have any more problems reading our field agent’s handwriting for starters. So there’s much less chance of it being transcribed incorrectly.”

Exploiting mobile technologies has had some unexpected benefits too:

“We had an agent accused of fraudulent activity recently, and PSI allowed us to provide a conclusive resolution. Using the geotagging features built into the PSI mobile client helped us prove where the agent in question was at the time of the alleged infringement. Happily we were able to clear him of any wrongdoing, because we managed to avoid upsetting a client and firing a valuable employee.”


Slashing lead times and reducing cost-per-sale for Ireland's largest telco operator

“The PSI platform was an instant improvement, not only are our reps better equipped, but I now have instant insight into sales. I can see which bundles are selling well, which regions are hitting their targets and the progress of orders. All in real time. Ultimately using PSI has helped us reduce the cost of each sale.”


Founded in 1999, Eir is Ireland’s largest telecommunications operator. Their extensive portfolio of includes mobile, landline and broadband telecoms services for residential and business customers.

Working in partnership with an outsourced marketing and sales organisation, Eir operate a network of 70 field sales reps, across six geographic regions.

The Problem

  • Paper forms took 24 to 48 hours to arrive back at head office
  • Customers had to be re-verified by phone once the paperwork arrived at head office
  • Sales process was time intensive, costly and prone to error

The field sales team is responsible for converting leads and signing up new residential customers to one of Eir’s telecoms packages. The six regional managers would assign a batch of leads to their team, and each rep would make a house call to complete the relevant paperwork.

The paper-based application was relatively quick to complete while on site, but the process slowed to a crawl as soon as the rep left the customer’s house. Forms took 24 to 48 hours to arrive back at head office — an unacceptable delay for customers expecting their new telecoms service to begin quickly.

There were further complications when it came to processing direct debit details. Although customers completed the relevant details as part of the sign-up process, they would have to be re-verified by phone once the paperwork arrived at head office. The entire process was time intensive, costly and prone to error as information was entered into Eir Billing, the contract management platform used to track customer contracts and accounts.

The Solution

Deciding that the paper-based system was preventing the field sales team from achieving maximum productivity, a management decision was taken to replace it with an electronic equivalent — PSI. Issued with Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets, giving Eir reps instant access to survey and sales tools.


  • Connection lead time reduced from 48+ hours to 25 minutes
  • Significant reduction in data error rates
  • Significant reduction in customer outreach due to missing or incorrect data
  • Customers are better protected due to payment details being collected digitally
  • 15-20% increase in daily targets

The PSI toolkit helped Eir achieve their initial goal — to speed up the customer onboarding process — and delivered a number of additional benefits in the process. Data is more accurate and more transparent, allowing the sales team to monitor performance and enact improvements in real time.

The Eir field sales team is also better equipped to meet the needs of their customers, thanks to instant access to training materials and documentation. If they have a 3G mobile signal, they can upskill themselves, improving their chances of closing more deals.

“The PSI platform was an instant improvement. Not only are our reps better equipped, but I now have instant insight into sales. I can see which bundles are selling well, which regions are hitting their targets and the progress of orders. All in real time. The simplicity of the system should not be ignored either. The PSI interface is simple, data is easily accessible, and the customer sign-up wizard straightforward. This means that our reps can give more of their attention to clients, further smoothing the sales process and raising the quality of service we give them.”

– Mark Higgins, Head of Field & Affiliate Sales