Sales Operations Management for 2018 and beyond

Sales Operations Managers are expected to mediate between business units and supply raw figures and analysis of sales and customer data to enable improved strategic decision making. In 2018 all roads lead to data and the systems used to gather and analyse it.

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The Complete Compliance Manager's Manual

Field sales teams are under pressure to meet targets. So much so, that compliance standards occasionally slip through the cracks.This eBook is a great point of reference if your role involves compliance processes or procedures. We’ve researched examples of rogue selling and the resulting penalties from the energy market sector worldwide. But the advice follows through for any Utility company with large field sales teams.

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How Sales Leaders Supercharge Profits

If you head up a sales department, you're naturally concerned about efficiencies and effectiveness across your entire sales fulfilment processes. As your sales orders grow, and your field sales teams expand, this becomes an incrementally bigger problem. Many large utitlity companies are now turning to Field Force Automation to streamline their processes. Download our free "How Sales Leaders Supercharge Profits", and discover why Field Force Automation is more than just a best in class sales management software system, but how it can also convert your field sales into 'BEAST' mode.

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How to Make a Difference on a Budget: Increasing Efficiency and Notability as an NGO

As NGOs continue to compete for the resources needed to keep operating, it is important to be able to tighten the proverbial belt so that your organisation can do more good with fewer resources. For many NGOs, the ability to stretch funds can mean the difference between being able to continue fulfilling operational goals and having to close down for good.

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Preventing Field Sales Non-Compliance in Utilities

The deregulation of utility markets has created business opportunities for many companies worldwide. While deregulation has lowered end-user's energy costs, promoted green energy alternatives, and promoted infrastucture improvements, it has also cost some companies millions in fines for mis-selling. Pressure to make a sale, unclear objectives, and negligence can all result in mis-selling and the associated fines.

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13 Ways to Impress Donors With Your Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges facing NGOs today is getting people to contribute to the cause. Earning the trust of cautious donors who want to know that their hard-earned money will actually go towards a good cause and not just towards administrative costs can be an enormous hurdle.

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A Day In the Life of a Field Sales Rep [Infographic]

A dynamic look at the day in the life of field sales rep with and without a PSI Mobile solution.

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How PSI helped FMI increase efficiency and boost sales [Case Study]

PSI provided FMI with a mobile interface solution that emabled head office to send contact lists direct to an app installed on the field sales operatives’ tablets/smartphones. The same app is then used to capture the customer’s data and uploaded directly to the main accounts system at head office. 

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How PSI helped Eir slash their sales lead times [Case Study]

PSI's solution has help Eir achieve their initial goal of speeding up the customer onboarding process, in addition to delivering a number of additional benefits in the process. Data is more accurate and more transparent, allowing the sales team to monitor performance and enact improvements in real time. “Ultimately using PSI has helped us reduce the cost of each sale.” 

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6 Digital Transformation Tips to Boost Sales in the Utility or Energy Markets

As margins on utility contracts are squeezed, sales managers are under increased pressure to sell more. These 6 tips will help maximise sales potential as your organisations undergoes digital transformation. Which is vital when you consider that lead generation and sales increases by around 49% after a digital transformation programme is started.




6 Digital Transformation Tips For Utility or Energy Markets Compliance Managers

Digital transformation presents an opportunity for your business to begin a process of constant evolution and revolution. Without a digital transformation programme, your organisation will struggle to compete effectively. Digital transformation is an ongoing process – here are our six top tips for helping your organisation get started.