Define your requirements and business objectives


Choose the appropriate PSI Fusion module(s)


Go live in as little as 2–8 weeks


Safeguard Compliance

Smart, intuitive, logic based, user journey design ensures complete compliance to industry specific regulations.

Generate Insights

Generate real time reports for complete management oversight of processes and strategic effectiveness and efficiencies.


Build Smart Forms and Workflows

Build or adapt workflows and smart forms using simple drag and drop menus.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Realtime reports and analytics tools help you identify and eradicate bottlenecks in your processes.


Advantages over Web Based Applications

  • Works on or offline: Synchronises with HQ once signal available.

  • More secure: Limits damage from an attack to device only

  • Streamline sales processes: Native applications perform better than web-based apps. You don’t need to add servers as you add users

  • More control: Native apps have better control of mobile device peripherals such as camera or barcode reader. Signature capture performs significantly better on native application

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