• High security data access on any connected device

  • Reduced set-up costs

  • Quick and agile deployment of numerous configurations and features

  • High performance and scalability

  • No requirement for in-depth knowledge of coding

  • Easily build or adapt existing workflows or smart forms

  • Integrate multiple systems and third part applications 

  • Implement automated processes to dramatically reduce admin and streamline tasks. 

  • Gain visibility and management control

  • Realtime reporting and customisable analytics tools

Business vs. Operational Benefits of Mobile Technology Deployment


PSI’s Fusion Platform delivers large scale, data rich, complex business processes and applications to secure connected devices.

PSI’s Fusion is a highly secure application platform which supports head office and mobile software for field workforce activities that automates processes and enables real-time visibility and management control. Because of its wide range of features, Fusion is highly configurable to support customised applications through multiple business functions.