PSI 'Fusion' Software Overview

Whether you're looking for contract sales software or customer management software or finance or operations solutions, we have the solution. Our simple and clear interface is presented intelligently to users. We designed it for anyone, for any business processes on any connected device, anywhere.


Fusion combines all the potential of mobile, IOT, Cloud & BPM technology, with the security and track record of a field tested and robust application.

In a world of ever increasing threats to Enterprise level corporations, the backbone of our success has been our watertight data protection.

Our Open Micro-Services Platform allows you to fine tune a variety of industry specific configurations or build solutions from scratch to your exact requirements without the need to write code.

Streamline sales processes by creating, scheduling and assigning jobs or tasks to field based assets or staff, such as installation, maintenance, repair, inspection or service. The possibilities are endless. Activities can be entered into a work-planner and assigned to specific employee or team. With a real time view of your operations, management have total organisational control to redirect resources effectively.

Both standard and customised reports can be generated, supporting analysis of jobs to further streamline company operations.