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Optimise Customer Journeys and collect data. The right way.

Touchstone is the next evolution of flexible, compliant form creation and workflow integration. Gather customer data and seamlessly integrate it into your sales stack.

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What is Touchstone?

The Touchstone platform is a powerful set of tools designed for optimising customer journeys and collecting data from prospects and buyers.

Without a well-designed system to gather data and put it to good use, your business will suffer. Good leads, after all, start with solid data. And understanding your customers is the path to maximising Lifetime Value (LTV).

Flawless Customer Journeys
Legally Compliant Forms
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Seamless Integration
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In-depth Analytics

Touchstone empowers you to…

  • Create legally compliant customer journeys, built with GDPR (and every other conceivable regulation) in mind
  • Post forms on your website or have your reps share them with prospects via text message, for a safe, touch-less interaction
  • Seamless integration into your existing sales stack so you can manage customer data and follow up on leads
  • Easy-to-build customer journeys and strategically designed templates that boost completion rates
  • Analytics tools to better understand your audience and optimise conversions
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Easy to Create

Touchstone’s interface is straightforward and intuitive, so you can build attractive, strategically designed customer journeys in just minutes.

The builder includes:

CSS tools to adapt your forms to your brand and make them fit with the look and feel like your website or app

A framework to plug and play the steps and triggers of your sales process, creating a memorable and effective customer journey

Touchstone gives you the flexibility you need to design any way you want your customers to experience.

Easy to Complete

Touchstone forms are simple to share and painless for customers to complete.

Sales reps can send any form via text message for touch-less completion. The customer simply taps the link and fills out the form directly from their mobile device.

The platform uses document reader technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing customers to snap a picture of an old bill (or any other paper document) so the system can read the doc and fill in the form automatically.

Touchstone allows for two-phase sales journeys, where the rep (or the system) begins filling out certain fields, and the customer completes the journey from their device.


PSI are the real deal, which means when someone in the business comes to our team with a problem we know it’s something we can bring to you and together we can deliver it, on time. Through working with Touchstone, we can deliver in 2 weeks what might take some parts of the business 2 months, and others 2 years. When dealing with rapidly changing regulations, through the pandemic, or frequently changing products, this ability to build and deploy solutions in a time-sensitive manner that work, and meet our regulatory needs, is key.

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“When we went back on the doors last year, there was lots of apprehension about how it would be received. We were able to allay those fears using Touchstone in addition to Contract Sales. As a result, we were told by the Charities Institute we were the only charity that didn't get a serious complaint. The PSI technology helped people feel secure about providing their personal details and signing up to a recurring payment. Couldn’t be happier, just need the lockdown to lift to get back out there! “



“During the pandemic we were struggling to keep our sales reps selling safely, social distancing was still new, people were apprehensive of even having someone at the door. The Touchstone contactless solution made a big difference to easing those fears. On top of that it enhances the sale and makes you more likely to win business. By giving the customer something tangible, it strengthens the sale, they have a sense of ownership of what they are agreeing to.

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Analytics and Insights

Touchstone comes with built-in analytics, so you can:

See where people drop-off, failing to complete a form
Retarget those who fall through by showing them ads through an advertising network
Analyse sales performance metrics, adapting your forms to increase conversions
Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

Workflows that Gel with any Sales Stack

Whether you’re starting with a legacy system or a fully digital one (with API integrations embedded in existing customer journeys), you can customise Touchstone to meet you where you are today—and help you as you scale in the months and years ahead.


Whatever your sales stack, Touchstone can

  • Draw from multiple sources, delivering data into feed journeys to provide outputs that work with your business
  • Capture and validate data
  • Auto-read documents
  • Use data drawn-in workflows and processes
  • Create processes launched by multiple triggers from systems, employees, sales reps, and customers

All it takes is simple line or two of code, and Touchstone will deliver your data to whatever database, CRM, marketing automation platform, or external system you prefer.