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We help Utility and Telco Companies Sell in an ultra-competitive space

Switch more customers with PSI

To win business in a capped market you are targeting people who are already with a competitor. Indeed 60% of the UK population are not active switchers, yet this cohort typically has the most to gain. To win these customers, and their longterm loyalty, you need to build trust through flawless customer experiences, demonstrate clear benefits of switching, and highlight why you’re the best possible fit to meet their needs.

PSI’s best-in-class solutions will help you do just this. By ensuring your sales processes are streamlined and empowered by rich data, PSI gives you the tools and insights needed to switch more customers, convert more leads, and deliver the best possible experience across your entire sales organisation.


Any sale type, any sales channel

  • Contract Sales
  • Telesales
  • Campaign Management
  • Residential and Commercial Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Retention Campaigns
  • Property Developer and Landlord sales
  • Partner Channels
  • Winback Campaigns
  • Field Sales
  • 3rd Party Websales
  • Territory and Route Management

Case Studies

How PSI has helped Eir slash their lead times

“The PSI platform was an instant improvement, not only are our reps better equipped, but I now have instant insight into sales. I can see which bundles are selling well, which regions are hitting their targets and the progress of orders. All in real time. Ultimately using PSI has helped us reduce the cost of each sale.”

How PSI helped FMI increase efficiency and boost sale throughput

“PSI really did ‘fit’ with our operations….We were instantly able to do away with the legacy paper-based system and all the associated problems. Without any physical paperwork to process, we are pushing sales through the system more quickly than ever, which frees up time for other account management tasks that improve the service we offer.”

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