Open the door to first-class sales reps

Effective territory management starts with your field reps. PSI’s sales software solutions can help you optimise your team’s performance, keep everyone accountable, and enable your reps to carry on selling even when they’re offline.

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Take your entire sales team to the next level

When you’re conducting a field sales campaign, you need to know that your field reps aren’t leaving anything on the table. Our Territory Management sales software makes it easy to maximise rep performance, deliver vital training and capture every opportunity.

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Cache information offline

When you send your reps into rural areas, you need to know that it won’t stop them from selling. The PSI system stores database information offline, making sure your sales reps always have what they need, when they need it.

Precise location tracking

Keep an eagle eye on your reps at any time. Live GPS alerts show you exactly where your rep is during the day, while PSI’s Opti Route algorithm helps chart their most efficient route based on their current location and mode of transport.

Real-time performance metrics

Take charge of productivity with a direct view of rep performance. See results from each door as soon as they’re reported, and use our data tools to gain insight into where improvements can be made for future campaigns.

Streamline rep training

Ensure your reps’ knowledge is always sharp. Upload training material to your system and host it directly on a rep’s device, so that they always have access.

Protect your brand reputation

When reps are the public face of your brand, you need stringent measures in case some don’t meet your high standards. PSI’s performance measuring and accountability tools ensure you’re covered if a rep lets you down.

Raise the bar for field rep welfare

Whether it’s by providing the right training or ensuring reliable communication and practical safety measures, companies have a duty of care to the security of their field reps.

Fusion Guardian gives sales teams the power and flexibility to deliver on that duty of care. It goes beyond satisfying regulations, delivering real-time tools and targeted response frameworks that can be added on to any tier of the PSI platform.

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Tech support, taken care of

Tech issues are the last thing reps want to see when they’re out in the field. Whether their device is acting up or they can’t access your database, it can leave them unable to see their next address, stuck with an incomplete sale, or wasting time trying to fix things themselves.

PSI’s Agent Helpdesk provides straightforward mobile device management whenever your reps need it. Our team can remotely resolve sync issues and force device logouts or shutdowns, so that technical troubles don’t bring your reps to a halt.

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