Assured sales, wrapped up in one place

Streamline your sign-up process, elevate customer experience and ensure greater security for your field sales campaigns with PSI’s Touchstone Verification solution.

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A signature solution for closing sales

Touchstone Verification allows your field reps to send your sales documentation directly to a customer’s own device, so that they can review and sign it in their own time.

A whole workflow in one system

The more moving parts in your sales flow, the more friction your teams and customers will see. PSI and Touchstone Verification combine your sales system, documents and signatures in one seamless ecosystem.

Ensure robust sales

When your customers sign on their own device, they take ownership of the sale. Touchstone Verification allows you to validate their details, and reduce the risk of fraud and broken sales.

Contact-free selling

Make every sale safer for your reps and customers. With no need to share devices, environmental protection and the ability to keep their distance post-pandemic are built into each sale.

Reliable data capture

Your sales campaigns depend on accurate customer data. Touchstone Verification links directly to your sales system, meaning the data from every sale is logged and embedded into your workflow, even if your rep is offline.

Ironclad accountability for sales teams

Finishing sales the right way is critical for any campaign. When a new customer signs up, you need to be certain they don’t feel misled or pressured into a commitment.

Touchstone Verification creates peace of mind for everyone by showing exactly who signed the documents and on what device. And by reviewing their contract on their own device, it gives customers more ownership over the decision to sign up.

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