A web sales solution without the silos

Your web, field and telesales journeys work best when they’re pulling together as one – with one product database, one address list, and one source of truth. Bring them all under one roof with Touchstone Embedded.

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99.9% platform uptime

Watertight data protection

Compliance on autopilot

Scalable by design

Far more than a web form with good UX

When it comes to web sales, the customer acquisition form is just the tip of the iceberg. To keep your customer experience at the top of its game, you need a solution that wraps up all the complexity beneath the surface – from integrations, regulatory compliance and validations, to schedulers, address and product databases and interaction history.

Tier 1

Leads Only

The first tier of Touchstone Embedded. From a postcode checker, customer form and 5 data sources, to CRM integration via the outcomes API, Leads Only keeps you capturing interest without committing to completing sales online.

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Tier 2

Sales + Templated Web

Sew up your lead capture and sales process in one efficient system. Complete full online sales while integrating your website with your product catalogue and address scheme as one cohesive database.

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Bespoke Web Sales

Designed for telco and energy players in the enterprise space, Bespoke Sales Web gives you the power to build out a bespoke customer journey as well as capacity for 10,000 transactions and 10 unique data sources.

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Refine your solution further

Whether you’re looking to launch fast with a site-ready form and framework, or need the freedom and control to adapt each element of your web sales styling to your brand, each tier of Touchstone Embedded comes in two variations:


Be ready to sell, straight out of the box. Platform delivers Touchstone Embedded’s pre-configured framework and styling, giving you a comprehensive form and sales journey that’s ready to go.


For organisations that need greater options for customisation over time, Vanilla offers Touchstone Embedded as raw HTML and CSS styling so that you can work with your external brand agency to shape the design exactly as you need it.

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A web sales solution for regulated sectors

As a market-leading telco or energy provider, you need a web sales journey that really delivers: a slick experience that captures early adopters and a fully wrapped up sale that meets your obligations, and is consistent across all channels.

PSI delivers a compliant, end-to-end sales journey that’s been designed specifically for the telco and energy industry. Not only that, but Touchstone Embedded connects directly to your other channels, creating a holistic journey wherever your customers start or finish a sale.

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