Fusion Guardian

Ensure security for your reps in the field

Sales reps perform at their best when they feel safe on their routes. Make their protection top priority with our field rep security system, Fusion Guardian.

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Software that puts field rep safety in the spotlight

Give your sales teams peace of mind when they’re out in the field, with intuitive tech tools and tangible response measures designed with field reps in mind.

Real-time GPS location

Always keep track of your reps in case of emergency. With instant and accurate alerts, your team will always know exactly where each rep is, not just which route they’re walking.

Discreet panic button

If your reps find themselves in trouble, Fusion Guardian gives them a low-profile way to call for help without taking further risks and a simple interface they can navigate under pressure.

Tailored response frameworks

In an emergency, your team needs to stay in control. Customise the processes that go on behind the scenes, including how alerts get escalated and which members of your team get notified at each stage.

Raise the bar for field rep welfare

Whether it’s by providing the right training or ensuring reliable communication and practical safety measures, companies have a duty of care to the security of their field reps.

Fusion Guardian gives sales teams the power and flexibility to deliver on that duty of care. It goes beyond satisfying regulations, delivering real-time tools and targeted response frameworks that can be added on to any tier of the PSI platform.

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