How PSI gave Vodafone Ireland a Competitive Edge

“PSI software is used every day, and without it we wouldn’t have people on the street today, we wouldn’t be able to set routes and campaigns and enables us to have efficient lead management”

- Michelle Brazzill, Channel Partner Account Manager


Vodafone is Ireland’s leading communications operator. They offer fibre broadband along with leading mobile and TV packages across multiple sales channels: online, field, telesales, and store.

The company was tempted by the merits of PSI as a sophisticated field sales solution.

What Vodafone Ireland needed:

The Vodafone team decided to build a field sales team, and a way of managing leads to achieve their tactical goals but required support of sophisticated sales software.

  • Further customer reach
  • Effective lead management
  • A way to get Vodafone Ireland’s FOTS team operational
  • Accurate business intelligence

The new PSI experience:

  • A system that could be rolled out to Vodafone partners
  • A rep experience that’s led to better morale and productivity
  • Performance analysis and commercial insight
  • An effortless back-office experience
  • An easy partnership with the PSI team

Power for Vodafone’s partners

Vodafone’s partners are a key part of Vodafone’s strategy in Ireland. Vodafone Ireland FOTS (feet on the street) operation was set up with their franchisee partners to sell fixed, door to door. The PSI system was integrated with some of their partners in order to launch FOTS.

Aoife Carr, Order Processing Manager at Kelco, recounts that her team used to manually keep track of paper contracts in previous sales processing roles. “Now we’ve got a competitive advantage because we’re no longer sifting through sales manually,” she says.

“We’re also able to roll out a new product and send updates to customers almost instantly. We can start selling a new add on’s or plans straight away and get ahead in an area.”

Breda Quinn, Office Manager at the Phone Stores also noted the impact of PSI’s reliability on sales performance.

“Nothing goes missing,” Breda says, “we don’t need to chase a rep for information. To start with, we only used PSI with our field sales team, but twelve months later we introduced PSI in the stores for fixed sales, and later we began selling to business too”.

The sales rep experience

For Kelco, Aoife says that PSI was able to check all the boxes – especially with their reps. The sales teams found it to be user friendly, well laid out, and compliant. To boot, the system never seemed to go down, and they got a quick response whenever they reached out to PSI.

“Reps don’t have any negative feedback,” says Aoife. “They can see an area that’s gone live and trust the information. And they don’t have to think about a sale again once it’s complete. It’s straightforward, no hassle, and this has led to better morale. Everyone’s more productive too.”

Performance analysis and commercial insight

For a successful feet on the street team, it was vital to have visibility of reps performance.

“The reporting aspect of PSI means we can report on anything we want,” says Michelle. “Now, we can dig down into how many doors are knocked vs opened vs opportunity”.

With PSI, every important action and interaction has a reporting code, meaning everything is extractable and can be reported against in a structured way.

A back office dream

“We have full visibility of our back office,” says Michelle. “We can see how many sales are in queues waiting to be processed, and on hold sales with valid reasons.

For Breda, who oversees the back office at The Phone Stores, PSI has become the most effortless part of what she does.

“When new people come on board, it’s the easiest thing for me to train them to use PSI,” she says. “And it’s so easy to find the information you need – people might call us about their order, and all I need is their area code to find their order in seconds. I’d recommend PSI for processing customers at any company, without a shadow of a doubt.”

It feels like Vodafone are PSI’s only client because they’re always there, they always understand the requirements”

- Michelle Brazzill

What it’s like working with the PSI team

Although PSI is a sales solution, there’s also a team behind that solution ensuring Vodafone Ireland has everything it needs.

“With PSI, nothing is ever an issue to get done,” says Michelle. “With PSI we’ve launched new pricing, mobile elements, new TV products, and everything has been timely and efficient. If you’re clear on what you need, PSI will deliver.”

From best-in-class field sales to store sales

The performance and reputation of our PSI set up for FOTS was so positive that our stores now use PSI too due to the simplicity of the journey and system with PSI.

“I’d recommend PSI to a company of any size – it’s up to you how you want to grow – and PSI has scaled with us.”

– Michelle Brazzill

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