Enabling Ogi to scale and penetrate their market

“PSI enables us to complete a quick sale in 10-15 mins from start to finish. This probably would have taken a couple of days in the previous out-of-the-box solution.”


In 2020 Ogi – a ISP and managed IT services company – secured investment to deliver an ambitious rollout of full fibre broadband across South Wales.

A year later, they were preparing to scale rapidly to transform Wales’ digital landscape – and to keep up the momentum, their newly hired sales teams would need new tools and processes to support them. They also needed a system that would integrate their field, tele and web sales into a streamlined and consistent customer sales journey.

The Requirements

  • Needed a robust solution that would integrate field, tele and web sales
  • Needed to roll it out at breakneck speed
  • Customer journey needed to be tailored to the local area
  • Processes had to be as tight and automated as possible so bottlenecks didn’t occur

Ogi’s mission is to take fibre to the door of houses for the first time, in areas of Wales that are typically fibre to the cabinet, with telephone lines connecting homes to a local fibre box.

Alexander Breverton, Telesales Manager at Ogi, says: “The more people we can reach, the more we can get connected, and the more we can educate on the difference between fibre to the cabinet and fibre to the door and the impact that can make, not just from a cost perspective but also to future-proof the technology and make it greener.

“The company’s goals are to connect as many customers as possible to the new infrastructure, and to support local communities that have been passed over by other providers.”

It was important to move fast on this greenfield opportunity but that was not the only part of the task that was new.

A new product and sales team

“Historically we were resellers,” says Sally-Anne Skinner, Chief Revenue Officer at Ogi. “Whereas now we are selling our own product, from our own infrastructure, on our own network.”

Ogi were hiring at a fast pace and working with a number of third parties – it would be very easy for opportunities to fall through the cracks. It was essential that they had a sales solution that could capture data and automate workflows seamlessly.

They would need a solution that worked across field sales, tele sales and web sales. These are three distinct sales processes with their own customer journey but they would all need to feed into a single, automated backend system.

Crucially, Ogi wanted to put all the right information in their rep’s hands at the right time. They would need to be able to book installations at point of sale, so they could wrap up the sale there and then, and automate everything else all the way to its final destination.

The Solution

In the first quarter of 2021, Ogi needed to make a decision about their new system so that their teams could put the pedal to the floor from August.

They chose us for a few key reasons.

Domain expertise

Ogi had existing technical resource in-house but the selling processes within the business were less defined. PSI brought both the technical expertise that a robust solution would require, as well as years of sales-process focus that would enable Ogi to hit the ground running.

Speed and sophistication

An out-of-the-box solution wouldn’t provide the flexibility that Ogi’s teams would need. Nor would it integrate field, tele and web sales in the way they had envisioned. Some of the key leaders at Ogi had worked with very sophisticated solutions before, but these had been built gradually over time, often from the ground up, learning by trial and error. Ogi couldn’t afford to wait the years this approach would require.

Our solution only needed to be configured – not built – so it would be much faster to set up. And it would have a sophistication equal to the kind of solution Ogi could have painstakingly put together in house. Except ours was already tried, tested and matured.

Fully equipped in the field

The solution Ogi chose used our Fusion platform, along with Core and Touchstone. This would enable managers to create automated, optimised routes and campaigns for field reps. Their field reps would have rich data to work with out in the field, and they’d be able to perform contactless sales with very little manual provisioning. Managers would also be able to assess, review and re-strategise with the aid of using our real time reporting.

The technical details

Using our full suite of products – Fusion Core, Pulse, and Touchstone – Ogi were able to create a seamless end-to-end sales journey that encompassed all three sales channels that they operate in.

It would have to be API orientated and, while it would need a number of complex integrations on the back end, it would need to be seriously simple and effortless for their new sales teams to work with – providing them with a set of customer journeys that could work anywhere at anytime, all feeding into the same processes, and all going into a single, automated backend system.

In the configuration process, engagement would be as important as the delivery. We worked very closely with Ogi to ensure that the system was integrated in all the ways it needed to be – pulling in their existing data, such as their addresses and product data, and pushing out to their sales systems, payment processor and payment gateway, along with other 3rd party validations and appointment scheduling.

The integrations would facilitate sales to complete like a line of dominoes falling with a single flick. They would allow the creation of points on a map so Ogi could create automated routes and campaigns for their reps. It would also enable the instant booking of an installation time and date upon sale.

Finally they would create sales orders and workflows, help to perform modulus checks on bank account numbers, and push relevant information out to Ogi’s third party payment partners.


“The sales processes we had in the business before PSI were not fit for purpose,” says Sally-Anne.  “We would not have been able to go out to market and deliver the scale that we have and the penetration that we have without significant amounts of customer dissatisfaction and pain and resources.”

Alexander agrees. “If we were still using that solution, we wouldn’t have had the success we have had, it’s safe to say.”

Cutting days down to minutes

“PSI enables us to complete a quick sale in 10-15 mins from start to finish,” says Alexander. “This probably would have taken a couple of days in our previous out-of-the-box solution.”

Sophisticated out of the gate

Sally-Anne says, ‘What PSI have delivered is an efficient customer process where you can complete an order on the spot: an installation date is given to the customer, terms and conditions, an order summary and boom, job done.’

“It’s very unusual to go out to market, as a start-up business, with a sophisticated automated sales process. This is what we have with PSI.”