Choosing sales software: 4 reasons that set PSI apart for telcos and energy providers

For telcos and energy companies, choosing a field sales platform is a big decision. The right solution can optimise a team’s operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction and open the way forward for penetrating new territories.

Not all sales software solutions are made equal. While many offer a generic, one-size-fits-all solution, we built the PSI system specifically for ambitious telco and energy companies – to help them meet industry and customer demands, move fast in the face of new opportunities and empower the field agents who represent their brand.


1. PSI keeps reps selling – even offline

Any sales solution worth its salt should aim to empower field reps to be their most productive, wherever their routes take them. But most sales software is missing a crucial element that every field rep needs – the ability to keep selling even when they’re offline.

That’s especially the case for telcos. Rural areas are a crucial market for expanding telcos, but the same lack of connectivity that makes those regions an opportunity also keeps field reps from closing sales. If a sales solution can’t operate offline, it brings your reps – and potentially your entire campaign in that area – to a halt.

Offline functionality is a core part of the PSI system. When a rep loses connection, our system immediately switches to an offline mode that keeps the server updated. That means sales reps can keep on logging data and signing up customers without waiting on the doorstep for the system to reconnect.


2. PSI supports enhanced customer satisfaction and field rep security

Ensuring reps can always close their deals is vital, but it’s not the limit of what sales software can do. With the right features, it can also elevate the experience of both your sales reps and your customers.

For example, our Document Reader add-on allows reps to take a picture of a customer’s current bill and automatically input their data from that image. Not only does that make reps more productive it also gives customers a smoother experience than they’d have with a competitor using another sales solution.

We’ve also recently launched Fusion Guardian, a tool for ensuring the safety of lone workers while they’re out in the field. With key features like real-time GPS location alerts, a discreet panic button and customisable response frameworks, the PSI system helps sales teams go further in their duty of care.


3. PSI is a specialised solution for telcos and energy companies

The success of your sales team is rooted in how well you understand your industry and your customers. That understanding should extend to your sales platform too, to ensure your team is following the industry’s best practices and exceeding expectations for customer experience.

A general sales platform will still do the basics you need it to – input leads and keep an eye on customer journeys. But if you’re trying to penetrate new markets, cultivate long-term customer relationships and reap the competitive benefits of effective territory management, the basics aren’t going to cut it.

The PSI system has been designed specifically with telcos and the energy industry in mind. We know how vital it is for energy companies to monitor customer engagement as part of the sales process, or for telcos to fulfil complex requirements around customer switching, and have built our platform to handle that out of the box.

For example, our Touchstone software lets you easily give customers a grace period to review their documentation and new contract before they sign up. As well as helping telcos and energy companies satisfy the regulations around consumer care, it also ensures customers feel confident about making the right decision – and boosts customer loyalty by building trusting relationships.


4. PSI provides effortless scalability

Choosing the right sales solution isn’t a short-term question. While you might be looking to maximise your field sales productivity today, that might not be what you need tomorrow.

Other sales platforms focus on automating tasks and optimising processes – in other words, making your team more efficient at what they already do. But if a solution is limited to a single sales channel, it’s going to hold your team back in the long run – either when you hit the glass ceiling, or when you have to spend time and resources migrating your customer data and sales pipelines to a new, bigger system.

With PSI, we built our system in tiers that are designed to scale. If all you need is territory management, you can get that without paying for more features than you’ll use. But if you want to expand to end-to-end or multichannel sales, it’s a simple case of upgrading to a higher tier. Your data and processes remain in the same place, and your sales team doesn’t have to learn a new system each time you scale.

If you’re ready to take your sales campaigns to the next level, speak to us to find out more about how PSI can help.