Fusion Guardian: elevating safety for reps in the field

Being a field sales rep might not sound like a potentially dangerous job at first. But when sales agents are heading out alone into uncertain environments, they need to be sure that their employers are keeping them safe – including by giving them the right tools in case of an emergency.

Our Fusion Guardian software is designed to give exactly that protection. From real-time location alerts to discreet ways to call for assistance, it helps you set up the right measures and procedures to give peace of mind to your reps and sales managers.


Protected reps perform better

Whenever a company sends sales agents out into the field, they have a legal obligation to ensure their safety. This includes everything from providing the right training and conducting risk assessments, to maintaining communication and keeping track of their wellbeing.

But there’s more to it than satisfying regulations. Field reps on their routes need to know that there are protections in place should they find themselves in an emergency situation – and that means tangible measures they can take, not just a written procedure to follow.

If your people feel safer while they’re out doing their job, they’re more likely to perform at their best. A more protected field sales team is also often a more diverse one. We know that far fewer women operate in the field compared to men because safety is more of a concern. Having better emergency tools and procedures in place can have a positive impact on how comfortable they feel heading out on routes.


Real-time protection, wherever they are

When we made Fusion Guardian, it was built in response to a client’s needs. They wanted to go further in their duty of care towards their field sales reps by offering more real-time measures within their field sales software they could use in case of an emergency.

While your field sales reps are out at work, Fusion Guardian can report back their exact GPS location and instant alerts. That means if they need assistance you can know precisely where they are, not just which route they were walking at the time.

In case of an emergency, Fusion Guardian gives them a discreet panic button so that they don’t have to take any further risks in notifying your team. And with a simple user interface, they can be confident of still calling for help even under pressure.

For the management team receiving alerts, you can also set up the response framework however you need to. The procedures that go on in the background can be tailored, meaning you can specify how notifications get escalated and who is informed at each stage.


Safety isn’t optional in the field

It’s easy to assume that knocking on doors isn’t much of a hazardous workplace for field sales agents. But when your reps knock on those doors, they’re entering uncertain environments, meeting with strangers and even going into homes.

When they’re out in the field, they’re in a situation you can’t control. We’ve heard of situations where sales agents have entered a potential customer’s home and not been allowed to leave. And while not every rep will be in that kind of danger, there’s always a chance for things to go wrong when they’re putting their safety in the hands of a stranger.

Ultimately, your people want to feel that they’re protected when they’re on their sales routes. If they know someone has their back in case they need it, they’re less likely to feel isolated and better able to focus on engaging with customers.

Speak to us to learn more about how Fusion Guardian can help safeguard your field sales team.